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You may already heard this popular question, How Many Camels Am I Worth?

Watch our entire Camel Value Video explaining many information and funny funny facts on replying to How Many Camels Am I Worth? It provides also great tips to understand how the assessment is conducted over the world and which are the relevant aspects about camels evaluation.

So it happened, suddenly in your life, that you were looking yourself in the mirror and wondered: “Hey, how many Camels am I worth?” or you have been asked by your beloved “Hey, how many Camels are You worth?“. 

Surely you would not appreciate a situation where you do not know a proper answer: what if you say “Ehm, I guess about 2 Camels” and your real worth is 25?

Your sweet half will not be happy, and it is better to avoid this kind of situation, as you may already know from the past.

Well, don’t worry! You are the in the right place and soon you will estimate, through our superlative test, your camel value and that kind of situation will be avoided.

You can calculate your score worth by going through the “How Many Camels Am I Worth? Quiz test, at the end of this article, designed to calculate the camel worth.

We suggest to fully read this text before taking the quiz. This will create the proper background to understand the context of  tribe camel worth assessment.

What is the meaning of the “How Many Camels Am I Worth?” Quiz?

With this article we mean to answer the question “How Many Camels Am I Worth?” by providing all the useful information helpful in understanding the background required to assess your camel value in an excellent and accurate way.




There are some communities like Marocco, Pakistan or Egypt where traditions and cultures survive the time passing-by and fascinate our vision. They all have in common camels.

This animal represents to them a worthful allied since it is used for transportation of people and goods, it is deployed in place of tractors in agriculture, consumed as food since its milk is valuable, as enery source as their poop can be used like emergency fuel in the desert campfire. 

Here you can find out more about how camels are integrated with humans, if you like the topic. 

You have to know that many communities take into account the value of properties, animals, lands, money, gold, etc. when determining the wealth of a person.

This usually happens when a man is going to get married. The man has to show to her family his wealth in terms of the above assets, according also to their community’s norms.

Depending on the geographic area, this question is also known as the ” How many Goats am I worth? ” or the ” How many Horses am I worth? “.

They have the same meaning as the “How many Camels am I worth?” with a different trade good.


As we have explained earlier, the type of wealth that takes into account depends on the norms and beliefs of a particular community.

In general, this is also known as the ” Bride Price “.

The ” Dowry ” is, instead, about the girl (or her family) that has to show her economic wealth to the family of the man she is going to marry.

When it comes to the Dowry, it is paid by the woman or her family at the time of engagement or marriage.

Further, in some communities and situations, both the Dowry and Bride Price is exchanged at the same time.

It comes naturally at this point to understand that evaluating your camel value has the meaning of better assessing your Dowry or Bride Price; in addition it satiates your thirst for knowledge about this neveraged question.

How much is a Camel worth? The History of Camels Worth Tradition

I bet you will never figure out how much worthy a camel could be.


According to wikihow, it costs around $2,000 USD to care for a camel annually. This includes all the expenses to feed the animal, organise its accommodation and take care of all the other aspects.

The acquiring prices vary depending on the region and the camel breed.

  • In the United States, you can expect to spend around $10,000 for a mature gelding and up to $20,000 for a pregnant female.
  • In Egytpt, smaller camels costs 15,000 EGP ($500), but bigger beasts can sell for 50,000 EGP ($1650).
  • In Turkey, it is possible to spend even $100,000 for competition camels.
  • In Pakistan, the price vary from Rs 300,000 ($1,075) to Rs 400,000 ($1435).
  • In Africa, the cost should be around 60,000 Kenyan shillings ($470).
  • In general, if you want to buy a male camel you are supposed to spend around £40,000 corresponding to $55,000.

With this worldwide data, the camel average price is $28,000 USD.

However, in some countries like Africa or Egypt, you can purchase a camel at the lowest price of $470, while in other countries like Turkey the price can be $100,000 and more.

If we like to include the annual care expenses in the computation, the camel average worth at the end of the buying year will be $2,000 + $28,000 = $30,000.

As we have mentioned, the boy or his family has first to pay the Bride Price, to get the permission from the girl’s family to marry the girl.

Both the Brice Price and the Dowry can be evaluated in terms of number of Camels.

This is a common tradition in tribes from Egypt, Turkey, Africa and Pakistan.

The permission from the girl’s family is a mandatory requirement; the marriage will not be considered by the community a valid marriage without families’ approval.

The Bride Price value may include Gold, Money, Animals, Castles, Camels, Lands, Properties, and so on.

So when it comes to the Dowry, it is the same as the Bride Price in terms of assessment. However, last one is paid to the Bride’s family.

How many Goats is a Camel Worth? so, How many Camels is a Goat worth?

This is a funny camel question which requires us to know the goat average worth.




We have already computed the goat average worth in the How Many Goats Am I Worth? article, if you want to give it a read.

The goat worth that we have evaluated is $680, while the camel one is $30,000. These values should not surprise you as we have done the calculations together.

It is easy to compute that a single camel worths about 44 goats! This means that the average camel value is fourty four times higher than goat one. 

Instead, on the other side a single goat worths about 0.023 camels! Meaning that the average goat value is zero-point-zero-two times higher than goat one. 

In other words it is true to say: 44 goats = 1 camel or 1 goat = 0.023 camel.

Now that you know How many Goats is a Camel Worth? and How many Camels is a Goat worth?, you can go on and evaluate your own camel value!

Let’s Calculate your Camels Value and check if your Camel score is the highest!

We have designed a series of questionnaire-based on several factors to calculate your camel value. 


The test has the meaning of drafting a personal profile in terms of Physical, Economical and Educational level.

In order to achieve the objective, the quiz asks the user to give an answer to 10 questions about the fields above described.

By following the quiz, you can get an idea about how many camels your Dowry or Bride Price would be worth in terms of number.

To compute the result of the test we have used the updated unitary camel price (worth) of $30,000, as we have seen before together.

The personal camel worth score can be evaluated as the following:

CAMEL price * est. n. of CAMEL

where the estimated number of camels can be determined by any kind of scoring system that you prefer to adopt.

What is the Highest Score on our Camel Calculator?


In our test we have given to each question a different scoring result, depending on the answer and the highest score on our Camel Value Calculator is determined by the highest score range.

The test has been adapted from the quiz “How Many Goats Am I Worth?”, considering the local cultural differences.

We have prepared carefully 10 questions: 4 are about the Physical field, 4 are regarding the Economical field and 2 are to assess the Educational field.

After the user replies, we collect the results and organize them to be shown in a form of 0-5 order, where 5 is the highest level.

In this way, numerous scoring ranges are determined for the camel value and the final personal worth score can be computed.

You can go through this question series irrespective of whether your gender.

In other words, it does not matter whether you are a Girl or Boy; you can go ahead and calculate your camel value.

If you are a boy, you can calculate the camel value of your Bride Price and if you are a girl, you can calculate the camel value of your Dowry.

This is an estimated value of a boy or girl before their marriage: let’s see a real example as to how those communities use this camel wealth.

When a boy finds a girl that he likes, he  starts an affair with her and he usually informs the family about that woman:

Family – So you would like to get married and you found a girl you like.

Family – How many camels is she worth? 

Family – She will create a new family with you and bring her Dowry.

Boy – I’m not sure, maybe 10 camels and and 1 castle. I would pay any price for her.

Family – We have to consider the importance of our descendants continuation. 

Family – We will give no one less than 15 camels and 2 castles as Bride Price.

Boy – ok I agree with that, now you know her value. 

This imaginary example expresses the feelings and the reasoning behind the estimation process.


now go ahead with our “How many Camels am I worth?” quiz

calculate now your camel value!


HOW Many CAMELS am I worth ? – QUIZ 


Let us know if you would like many more quiz like these.


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