Mexican Dog Names: 500+ Stunning Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


If you are looking for awesome Mexican Dog Names, you are in the right place.

So, If you have Mexican dog breeds such as Chihuahua, Calupoh, Chamuko, and others, you would definitely be interested in getting a Mexican name for your puppy.

Further, you can choose names under different themes for your male and female dogs.

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Even if your dog breed is not a Mexican breed, you can choose an excellent Mexican name for your puppy.

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In this article, we have listed down 500+ Mexican dog names for your puppy.

Male Mexican Dog Names with meanings

Firstly, let’s see a list of top boy Mexican dog names.

José - God Will IncreaseDomingo - master
Fernando - journeyEnrique - Home Ruler
Toro - bullSol - sun
Jose - Jehovah increasesAmigo - Friend
Franscicso - Frenchman or free manBenito - blessed
Gerardo - braveSanto - holy
Raúl - Wolf CounselGuillermo - Resolute protector
Oscar - deer friendTajo - steep cliff
Ricardo - Brave RulerCordero - Little Lamb
Antonio - PricelessBlanco - white
Eduardo - Wealthy GuardianRico - delicious
Chico - small, boyTigre - tiger
Carlos - Free ManChe - mate
Javier - new houseRojo - Red
Juan - God is graciousDiego – supplanter
Pedro - RockChavez - Keys
Alejandro - Defender Of The PeopleCoco - coconut
Miguel - Who Is Like God?Paco - bald eagle
Rafael - God Has HealedPoncho - blanket
Jorge - earth-workerGabriel - God is my strength
Miguel - Who Is Like God?Mateo - Gift Of God
Manuel - God with usCruz - cross
Roberto - shining famePablo - Small
Jesús – Jesus Christ

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Female Mexican Dog Names with Meanings

Mexican female dog names

Mexico is a country where many people take care of dogs as their pets.

Further, they give human girl names for their female dogs.

Because Mexican people take care of them as a real human family member.

So below is a list of girl Mexican dog names for your puppy.

  • Maria – the sea of bitterness
  • Juana – God is gracious
  • Verónica – she who brings victory
  • Leticia – Joy
  • Gabriela – God is my strength
  • Josefina – God shall add
  • Rosa – rose flower
  • Francisca – free one
  • Yolanda – Violet Flower
  • Adriana – Dark
  • Silvia – from the woods
  • Gloria – glory
  • Araceli – Altar of The Sky
  • Luisa – Famous in war
  • Luna – The Moon
  • Lola – sorrows
  • Maya – the end
  • Nina – godmother

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Most Popular and Best Mexican Dog Names

Spanish is the primary language in Mexico.

Therefore, the majority of the dog names are in the Spanish language.

However, Mexican dog names are unique to Mexico.

Because their own culture inspires them.

Below is a list of dog names that have derived from common Mexican names.

  • Alba – sunrise
  • Alma – It means “the soul.”
  • Aminga – This implies friendship. Especially a female friend
  • Amigo – It means mate, Friend
  • Blanco – a man with white or fair hair
  • Bonita – beautiful
  • Che – Bro, Mate, Pal
  • Poppy – herb
  • Chloe – green shoot
  • Luna – The Moon
  • Cordero – Little sheep
  • Diablo – it means “Bad” or “Devil.”
  • Domingo – It means “Lord. ” It also has the meaning of “Sunday.”
  • Fiesta – Festival or a party.
  • Hola – “Welcome” or “Hello.”
  • Chucho – mutt
  • Querida – it means “desired.” It also has the meaning of “dear.”
  • Santo – holy
  • Chico – Small Boy
  • Sierra – It means “Hills or “Western Mother Mountains.”
  • Sol – this has the meaning of “Sun.”
  • Chancla – slipper
  • Solana – bright side of a mountain or valley
  • Tigre – it means Tiger
  • Toro – Bull

Mexican Dog Names Inspired from Famous Cities, States, and Regions

dog running on beach

Many Mexican cities are popular for many reasons, such as beautiful beaches and so on.

Below is a list of Mexican dog names inspired by the names of Mexican cities, states, Islands, and regions.

  • Acapulco – This is a seaside city with beautiful beaches. The city is also famous for its nightlife.
  • Juarez – This is a city located in the south of El Paso, Texas. Further, there is a famous cathedral in this city.
  • Quintana Roo – This is a Mexican state. Further, this state has many sandy beaches.
  • Cancun – Another famous beach city in Mexico. Also, there are many resorts in this city.
  • Reynosa – This city is located in the southern bank of the Rio Grande.
  • Celaya – This is a central Mexican city. Further, this city has a famous museum.
  • Leon – This city is popular as a Leather goods manufacturer. This city is also known for gothic paintings.
  • Saltillo – This city is known for violence. Because there is a likelihood of shooting crimes.
  • Colima – This state is known as the Sovereign State in Mexico. However, this is a small state in western Mexico.
  • Matamoros – This city is in northeast Mexico. Also, this is the second-largest city in Tamaulipas state.
  • Sonora – This state has federal entities of Mexico. Further, this state has 72 municipal areas.
  • Chiapas – This city is on the border of Guatemala. This city is also famous for its highlands and mountains.
  • Mazatlan – This is a beach resort city. Further, this city has 19th-century landmarks.
  • Tabasco – Southeastern Mexican state. Moreover, the capital city of this state is Villahermosa.
  • Durango – Small town in Colorado. Further, this city has a famous railroad museum.
  • Merida – This is a historically important city because it has ancient Mayan landmarks.
  • Tampico – A port city in southern-eastern Mexico.
  • Ensenada – This was a famous city in Mexico for Casino. Further, there is a famous museum as well in this city.
  • Mexicali – This city hosts the famous orange Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
  • Tijuana – This city has modern cultural complexes as well as historical landmarks.
  • Guadalupe – This is a small city with about 7000 in population.
  • Monterrey – This is the capital city of Nuevo León state. Further, Further, this city is one of the most tourists attracted cities in Mexico.
  • Toluca – Capital city of central Mexico state. It is also famous for Catedral of de San José
  • Hidalgo – This city has a famous neoclassical clock tower. Further, there is a popular museum known as Museo de Minería.
  • Morelia – This city is located in the Guayangareo Valley.
  • Torreon – This city is in the Coahuila state of Mexico.
  • Jalisco – A western Mexican state. Further, the state is popular for music and tequila.
  • Veracruz – This is a port city in Mexico.
  • Ixtapa – This is a beach city with many hotels and restaurants.
  • Cozumel – This is an Island with an eco-park.
  • Durango – Famous city for 19th-century railroads.
  • La Paz – The town stands above 3500 meters from sea level.
  • Zamora – This is the largest city in Michoacán state.
  • Puebla – This is an east-central Mexico City. Further, it is famous for culinary history.

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Mexican Locations for Dog Names

mayan temples

Apart from the Beaches, there is a lot to visit in Mexico.

So Copper canyon is one such location that attracts many tourists.

Below is a list of Mexican Dog names derived from famous Mexican locations.

  • Carmen – This is one of the most famous beaches full of many tourists in Peninsula
  • Copper – This canyon series in Mexico is deeper than the Gran canyons in the United States.
  • Izamal – This city is unique because everything that builds in this city goes with the yellow color.
  • Mazatlán – This city represents many Mexican cultural values. Further, this is a famous city for beautiful beaches.
  • Akumal – Sea turtles do not plant their eggs in every single beach. So to see one of these beaches is very difficult. However, this beach host sea turtles to plant their eggs.

Food & Beverages Inspired Names

food inspired Mexican dog names

When we are talking about food, we cannot forget about the Mexican food and beverage culture.

Because they have their own food traditions that you cannot find anywhere in the world.

Below is a list of Mexican dog names that have come from the names of their traditional cuisine.

  • Taco – A traditional Mexican dish made from corn or wheat with filling inside it.
  • Burrito – This is also a traditional Mexican dish. Further, the dish is like an Indian shawarma with many ingredients.
  • Nacho – A traditional north Mexican dish. Moreover, this dish usually served as a snack or appetizer.
  • Salsa – This dish primarily uses tomato sauce and many other ingredients.
  • Chilaquiles – it is a dish that fries corn tortillas. This is also a traditional Mexican dish.
  • Tamale – This is a traditional Mexican dish. It also uses ingredients such as Masa and daugh.
  • Guacamole – This dish is made from avocado fruits. Further, this is a traditional salad in Mexico.
  • Enchilada – This is a corn tortilla with many different fillings inside it. Further, it is covered with a savory sauce.
  • Chalupa – it is from south-central Mexico. Also, the main ingredients of this dish are cheese, Masa, and salsa.
  • Gordita – It is a pastry variant in Mexico. Further, It is filled with meat, cheese, and other fillings.
  • Empanada – This is also a pastry variant that has fried with fillings inside it.
  • Yuca – This dish taste like potatoes. Further, it is mild and sweats as well.
  • Panucho – Refried tortilla stuffed with black beans.
  • Jicama – This is a Mexican yam bean. Further, It usually uses to make wine.
  • Corona – This is the famous Corona extra beer from Mexico.
  • Tequila – This is a liquor variant that originated in Mexico.
  • Margarita – This is a cocktail, and it also includes tequila in it.
  • Fresca – This is a Mexican soft drink flavored with grapefruits.
  • Paloma – Another name for this drink is “the working man’s drink”. This is also a tequila-based cocktail.
  • Sangrita – This is also an alcoholic drink that usually served with tequila.
  • Dos Equis – This is a Mexican Beer.
  • Negra Modelo – Mexican Brewed beer.

Names of Famous Mexican People For Puppies

Mexico has produced great people in various industries like politics, art, business, and so on.

So below is a list of dog names inspired by famous Mexican people.

  • Amado Nervo – He was a popular Mexican journalist
  • Frida Kahlo – A famous Mexican painter for portraits.
  • José Clemente Orozco – He was also a prominent Mexican painter, especially in political drawings.
  • Carlos Monsivais – he was a writer and famous political activists.
  • Alberto Baillères – Billionaire businessman from Mexico.

Cute Mexican Dog Names

cute Mexican dog names

If you have a cute and a lovely dog, below dog names may fit for your puppy.

  • Linda – Lovely
  • Amor – Love
  • Cito – Beloved
  • Cita – cute
  • Bebé – Baby
  • Bombón – Marshmallow
  • Corazón – Sweetheart
  • Chicle – Bubble gum
  • Chispa – Spark
  • Nene – Little boy

Unique Mexican Dog Names

Below is a list of typical dog names that are unique to Mexico

  • Chico
  • Domingo
  • Peluche
  • Gordo
  • Chiquito
  • Coso

Fun and Cool Names

Below is a list of fun and cool Mexican dog names for your playful puppies

  • Hombre
  • Jefa
  • Cuate
  • Perrito
  • Diablita

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Final Words

As you can see, these Mexican dog names are suitable for any type of dog breed.

So, when selecting a name for your puppy, just remember to choose a name that you can easily pronounce.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

So what is your favorite Mexican Name?

Let us know in the comments section.


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