Irish Dog Names: 500+ Amazing Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


Irish tradition has significantly influenced most of the Irish Dog Names.

So almost all the names are unique.

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Further, if you have an Irish dog breeds Irish wolfhound, Irish Setter, Glen, Irish Terriers, and others. You will definitely love to name your Dog with an Irish dog name.

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However, even if your Dog is not an Irish dog breed, you can still give an awesome Irish name for your puppy.

In this article, we have listed down 500+ awesome Irish dog names for your male and female puppies.

Male Irish Dog Names with Meanings

  • Killian – Little Church
  • Cormac – It means “charioteer.”
  • Finnegan – Little fair one
  • Conan – This is the middle name of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Further, it has the meaning of “Little Wolf.”
  • Kieran – it means “Dark Haired.”
  • Duff – dark
  • Kirby – son
  • Flannery – it has the meaning of “Rudy” and “Valor.”
  • Keegan – This is a unisex name. Also, it has the meaning of “fire.”
  • Gallagher – It has the meaning of “Foreign or Strange support.”
  • Finley – warrior
  • Donovan – this name is suitable for a dark color dog. Because the meaning of the name is “dark brown.”
  • Owen – well born
  • Finn – It has the meaning of “fair or white.”
  • Doyle – This is the last name of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Further, it has the meaning of “black stranger.”
  • Murphy – Most of the Irish names have come from the Gaelic language. Further, the meaning of this name is “Sea Warrior.”
  • Aidan – Little fire
  • Beacan – This has the meaning of “tiny or little one.”
  • Austin – son of Augustine
  • Liam – This is the shorter name of William. Also, it has the meaning of “helmet of will.”
  • Kane – beautiful
  • Seamus – one who grabs at the heel
  • Eamon – guardian
  • Cashel – it’s a boy dog name. Also, it has the meaning of “Castle / Fort.”
  • Connor – Strong-willed
  • Miles – Servant
  • Brody – From the muddy place
  • Brennan – sorrow
  • Logan – dweller at a little hollow
  • Cian – It means “Historical/Ancient.”
  • Riley – Courageous
  • Niall – passionate
  • Donnelly – brown
  • Cullen – holly
  • Sullivan – hawk-eyed
  • Grady – illustrious, noble
  • Ronan – little seal
  • Griffin – strong lord
  • Kevin – kind, gentle
  • Flynn – red or reddish
  • Cody – helpful one

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Female Irish Dog Names with Meanings

Irish female dog names

Irish People love their puppies, and they take care of them as real human babies.

Therefore, many Irish baby girl names are given to female dogs as well.

Below is a list of Irish names for girl dogs

  • Kira – shiny
  • Erin – Peace
  • Sheena – God is gracious
  • Rosalyn – Little Rose
  • Aoife – a warrior princess
  • Orla – golden princess
  • Lia – grey
  • Muriel – sea” and “bright
  • Glenda – Celtic Princess
  • Breana – high, noble
  • Cadie – Rhythmic flow of sounds
  • Shanna – Possessor of wisdom
  • Sybil – Prophetess
  • Sinead – God is gracious
  • Bidelia – strength or exalted one
  • Eimear – beauty
  • Ciara – dark
  • Clodagh – River name in Ireland
  • Deirdre – broken-hearted
  • Eileen – bright and shining one
  • Maeve – warrior queen of western
  • Roisin – little rose
  • Shannon – wise river
  • Tierney – lord or master
  • Molly – star of the sea
  • Riley – Courageous
  • Fiona – beautiful
  • Annabelle – Joy
  • Nola – Famous; noble
  • Kayla – slim and fair
  • Anna – splendor, radiance, brilliance
  • Kylie – graceful or beautiful
  • Reagan – little queen
  • Claire – clear, bright, famous
  • Kaylee – slender
  • Tara – hill

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Fun and Cool Irish Dog Names

If you are a playful dog owner and wat to give a funny name for your Dog, that is awesome.

So below is a list of funny and cool Irish dog names.

  • Patrick – Feast of Saint Patrick. This is a traditional Irish religious celebration event on March 17th of every year.
  • Paddy – This variation of the name has derived from the name “Patrick.”
  • Shamrock – This is a young sprig. Also, this is the symbol of the Irish nation and Ireland
  • Clover – St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain about Christianity when he was trying to convert Irish into Christians
  • Leprechaun – This is a mythical character in Irish historical stories. Also, he is a short man with a beard.
  • Rainbow – As per a mythical Irish story, there is a pot of gold at the end of a Rainbow. Further, it says that the Leprechaun protects the pot
  • Goldy – Furthermore, the story says that you can only see the gold pot with the nickname of Goldy.
  • Charm – Mano Europeans including Ireland has certain beliefs known as lucky charms
  • Emerald – This refers to the May’s Claddagh birthstone.
  • Lucky – Traditional Irish believe a lot in luck
  • Guinness – This is actually a very famous name in Ireland.
  • Bailey – It has the meaning of officer in a court of justice
  • Whiskey – Irish make all the popular whiskey brands in the world. Further, Ireland may be one of the largest Whiskey manufactures.
  • Shandy – This is a drink where lemon is mixed with Beer. Also, it comes in both carbonated and non-carbonated forms.
  • Cabbage – This is one of the favorite vegetables among many Irish people.
  • Boxty – This is a traditional Irish dish. Further, this pancake is made out of potatoes.
  • Celt – Celt is a European based culture, and it has a considerable influence on the Irish tradition.
  • Gael – This is a native Irish community
  • Puca – This is a symbol where Irish people believe it brings both good and bad fortunes.
  • Dagda – This is a mythical god in Ancient Irish stories.
  • Fin MacCool – This is also a mythical Irish character. Further, he was a Hero in those stories.

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Irish Dog Names Inspired by Places and Locations

Irish lighthouse

Ireland is a wonderful country to visit.

If you are a tourist, I’m sure that Ireland is on your waiting list.

The cities, historical castles, landscapes, Irish traditions and so on are the most attractive thing to visit in Ireland.

So that location wise and geographical influence has come to their dog names as well.

Below is a list of Irish dog names inspired by famous locations and places.

  • Dublin – This is the capital and commercial city of Ireland
  • Galway – This city has a primary harbor of Ireland. Further, this city has traditional Irish pubs as well
  • Limerick – This city is located in the south of the country. Also, this city is famous for St. Mary’s Cathedral.
  • Cork – This is the second-largest city in Ireland. Further, this city is located in the South-West of Ireland.
  • Blarney – This town is close to Cork city. Further, this village is famous for Blarney castle.
  • Kilkenny – This is a town in southern Ireland. This town is also renowned for its Castles.
  • Wexford – This is also a southern Ireland town. Further, this city is famous for opera festivals.
  • Moher – This city is famous for its beautiful cliffs. Further, these cliffs are above 700feets from the Atlantic Ocean level.
  • Killarney – The town has a cathedral that was built in the 19th century. Also, there are garden parks and a lot more to visit.
  • Connemara – This is a western Ireland District. This district is popular for fishing, bays, and beaches.
  • Burren – The city has an archaeological value because historians have found fossils of old ages.
  • Ennis – The town is located near a River
  • Donegal – The history of this town dates back to the 15th century.

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Irish Food and Beverage Inspired Dog Names

Irish foods

If you are going to visit Ireland, you will definitely be interested in Irish cosine as well.

Many people love to eat traditional Irish foods.

So below is a list of Irish dog names from Irish cuisine.

  • Shellfish – This is a traditional Irish dish made from fresh fishes. Further, many other spices and ingredients are also used.
  • Boxty – This is a conventional potatoes pancake in Ireland.
  • Coddle – This is also a traditional Irish Dish. Further, this dish is made out of leftover foods such as sausages, potatoes, and so on.
  • Barmbrack – The short name of this food is “Brack.” This bread is famous in the Halloween season in Ireland.
  • Champ – This is a dish made out of potatoes and mushrooms. Milk, butter, and scallions are also used in making this dish.
  • Colcannon – This is a dish with creamy mashed potatoes and cabbages.

Dog Names Inspired by Famous Irish People

Ireland has produced many great people to the world in different industries such as Music, Political, Social, and so on.

So below is a list of Irish dog names inspired by popular people.

  • John Hume – he was a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize. Further, he was the founder of the Labor Party in Ireland.
  • Mary Robinson – She was the first woman president in Ireland.
  • Bono – He was a famous Irish singer and a songwriter. Further, he was a crucial member of ock band U2.
  • Stephen Gately – He was a famous Po singer. He was also a lead singer in the pop group Boyzone.
  • Adi Roche – She was an anti-nuclear advocate. Further, she formed several communities against nuclear power.
  • Colin Farrell – He is an Irish actor. He appeared in many tv series and Hollywood movies.

Cute Irish Names for Dogs

  • Aisling
  • Kiera
  • Enya
  • Niamh
  • Teagan
  • Saoirse
  • Colin
  • Eamon

Final Words

Irish dog names are easy to pronounce. Further, they are unique as well

So if you give an Irish name for your Dog, it will be unique to your Dog.

However, when choosing a name for your Dog, think about a name that your Dog could easily recognize from other noises.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

So what is your favorite Irish name?

Let us know in the comments sections.


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