Australian Dog Names: 250+ Amazing Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


If you are looking for Australian dog names for your puppies you have come to the right place.

Australian names are so unique from other countries because Australian is a separate continent that is not connected with any other country.

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So, Aussies have their own traditional and cultural values that are unique to them.

Therefore, all most all the Australian dog names are unique to Australian, and traditional and cultural values of Aussies have influenced them.

Further, you can use these dog names for Australian dog breeds such as Australian Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Silk Terrier and so on as well as any other type of breeds.

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Most Popular and Best Australian Dog Names

Below are some of the trending dog names that are widely used all across the country.

  • Sheila – young woman
  • Baz – bad run of luck
  • Bonzer – excellent
  • Postie – Postman
  • Banjo – string-like fold of skin
  • Cassia
  • Daku – sandhills
  • Brumby – it means “Wild”
  • Bitzer – A person of mixed race or ethnicity.
  • Jill – it means a “female kangaroo.”
  • Emu – A land with a considerable number of flying birds
  • Bindi – little girl
  • Boomer – the shortened name of the full name “boomerang”
  • Ranger – A term used to call red-haired people
  • Kylie – it means “intelligent or graceful.”
  • Ace – it means “very good.”
  • Kiwi – A animal native to Nez Zealand and Australia
  • Roo – ugly woman
  • Taz – It means “Tasmanian” or “shallow ornamental cup.”
  • Joey – it means baby kangaroo
  • Alice – nobility
  • Kookaburra – A brand of sports equipment and a Native Australian bird.

Australian Dog Names Inspired by Aboriginal Words

Australian Dog Names Inspired by Aboriginal Words

There are many Aboriginal groups in Australia and its related islands. So, they are the first owners of Australia, and they still live on their lands.

Australian Aboriginal language and traditions are very much different from native peoples who are living in other countries.

So below is a list of Australian dog names inspired by Aboriginal tradition and culture.

  • Kareela – It means “south wind.”
  • Miki – it says “The moon.”
  • Alinta – it means “flame
  • Jarli – It means “brown owl.”
  • Youri – earthwork
  • Talia – close to the water
  • Cardinia – it means “dawn”
  • Mani – The meaning of this word is “similar or equal.”
  • Nioka – Grassy mountains
  • Coorah – it is a similar word for “Female”
  • Kolya – Victorious Warrior
  • Mandu – it means “The sun.”
  • Kiah – Start of the season
  • Karri –It is another term for a Eucalyptus tree
  • Kylie – it means “intelligent or graceful.”
  • Amarina – It means “Rain”
  • Jarrah – A type of Eucalyptus tree

Fun and Cool Australian Dog Names

Cool Australian Dog Names

If you are going to own a fun and a cool pet or if you want your dog to be fun forever, you better start that off with giving a funny name for your dog.

So, every time you call your dog, you will get that funny inspiration.

Below is a list of Funny Australian Dog names for your puppy.

  • Ace – it means “very good.”
  • Crikey – the word was originated in the 19th century with the name “Christ”
  • Vegemite – this is a trademark of a yeast-based food product
  • Barbie – It means “doll”
  • Brumby – it means “Wild”
  • Bikkie – it uses as a short name for “biscuit” as well as to say a large amount of money.
  • Bitzer – A person of mixed race or ethnicity.
  • Kiwi – This is a term to introduce a person from New Zealand.”
  • Grommet – precocious surfer
  • Steve Irwin – He is a personality who does animals related to documentary programs.
  • Ozzie – Another way of saying “Aussie”
  • Boomer – the shortened name of the full name “boomerang”
  • Aussie – A common term that introduces an Australian origin
  • Didgeridoo – Traditional musical instrument
  • Bloke – Bother positive and negative vibes such as “awful” or “wonderful”
  • Dundee – Australian person who feels that Australia is the centre of the universe.
  • Sheila – young woman
  • Mate – This another word to say “friend”
  • Digger – A term that introduces an Australian soldier

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Australian Dog Names Inspired by Native Aussie Animals

As we know, Australia is a massive continent. So, there are thousands of animals that are unique to Australian lands.

Many Aussie people use those unique animal names such as “Kangaroo” to name their puppies.

So below is a list of Australian dog names inspired from Native Australian Animals.

  • Croc – Australian is a continent, so there are a massive number of animals from every type. One such animal is crocodiles.
  • Roo – The unique animal of Australia is Kangaroo. Also, that is the symbol of Australia as well.
  • Wombat – A anima like a mouse. However, it is more prominent in size and native to Australia.
  • Kookaburra – a unique bird native to Australia and New Guinea.
  • Koala – This animal is also native to Australia. Further, he is known for hours of sleeping during the day.
  • Dingo – Another native dog variant in Australia.
  • Wallaby – This animal looks like a kangaroo and also from the kangaroo family.

Australian Dog Names Inspired by Locations

Sydney opera house

Australian is a beautiful country with many unique places to visit.

Most of the places are known for their natural beauty like “The Great Barrier Reef.”

So below are some of the Australian dog names inspired by famous locations in Australia.

  • Uluru – Another name is Ayers Rocks. It is a massive sandstone in Australia.
  • Canberra – It is the Australian Capital territory. Further, it is famous for festivals.
  • Kakadu – This is a famous national park in Australia.
  • Hobart – the city, is a fashionable Salamanca Place.
  • Tasmania – Tasmanian lands are considered to be highly fertile. So the state is famous for agriculture.
  • Bondi – one of the most tourist attracted beautiful beach in Australia.
  • Perth – This is the principal city in western Australia. Further, there are attractive sandy beaches in this city.
  • Sydney – This is one of the largest and most commercialized cities in Australian. It is also the capital of New South Wales
  • Adelaide – The city is famous for many festivals and sports events.
  • Brisbane – This is the capital city in Queensland state, and there are the famous Museum and Sciencentre to visit.
  • Melbourne – One of the most populated cities in Australia. Also, this is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state.

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Other common dog names

  • Dynamo – machine for converting mechanical energy
  • Skippy – rhythm
  • Shep – Shepherd
  • Leopard – A tiger
  • Indy – a motor racing rally
  • Hopper – a person or thing that hops
  • Speedy – A fast thing
  • Gunner – a member of the armed forces
  • Roadrunner – A cartoon character
  • Drover – A person who takes care of cattle
  • Dasher – stylishly
  • Dart – small pointed missile
  • Chaser – horse for steeplechasing
  • Bunny – Another name for Rabit
  • Bovine – affecting cattle
  • Daytona – it is a famous beach
  • Bolt – A cartoon character
  • Chipper – cheerful and lively

Food & Beverages Inspired Names

Australian cuisine also has influenced the names in Australia.

Because, those delicious foods are worth remembering.

So below is a list of Australian Dog names Inspired by Aussie food and beverage culture.

  • Anzac – this is a type of biscuits. This was first made during the war for soldiers.
  • Emu – It has more iron than beef.
  • Macadamia nuts – It is a nut variant that is native to Australia.
  • Damper – this is traditional Australian soda bread.
  • Lamingtons – This is also a traditional Australian cake made from chocolate sauce and coconut.
  • Pavlova – This is a delicious dessert that you can commonly see in Australia.
  • Vegemite – this is a trademark of a yeast-based food product.
  • Beetroot – Aussies usually put some Beetroot on burgers.
  • Barramundi – this is one of the popular food items in every Australian restaurant.
  • Lamingtons – This is a cake variant in Australia.

Female Australian Dog Names with Meanings

Female Australian Dog Names

Many Australians name their girl dogs with human names.

Further, some of the names are getting from their favourite movies, tv shows and so on.

So below is a list of Australian dog names for female puppies.

  • Aria – air
  • Annabelle – beauty
  • Amber – Jewel
  • Adelaide – The city is famous for many festivals and sports events.
  • Alice – nobility
  • Ava – life
  • Bundy – the coastal city of Queensland
  • Brizzie – Happy B’day!
  • Bondi – one of the most tourist attracted beautiful beach in Australia.
  • Barbie – Doll
  • Bindi – little girl
  • Charlotte – petite

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Male Australian Dog Names with meanings

Below is a list of awesome boy dog names for your male dogs.

  • Baz – bad run of luck
  • Arnhem – a city in the Netherlands
  • Aussie – A common term that introduces an Australian origin
  • Ayer – the past
  • Barkly – Australian rules football
  • Angus – god of love
  • Archie – genuine
  • Clayton – settlement
  • Boomer – boomerang
  • Brisbane – A city
  • Buckley – male deer
  • Burnett – dark brown
  • Billie – surf company Billabong
  • Blue – mate

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Cute Australian Dog Names

  • Angus
  • Ava
  • Amber
  • Barbie
  • Bindi

Unique Australian Dog Names

  • Boomer
  • Aussie
  • Adelaide
  • Bondi

Final Words

When you are choosing Australian dog names, it is better to select names that your dog can easily distinguish from other noises and recognize his name separately.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

So what are your favourite Australian Dog names?

Let us know in the comments section


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