Scottish Dog Names: 500+ Wonderful Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


If you are looking for Scottish Dog names, you are in the right place!

Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom.

However, various dog names are unique to Scotland.

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So, if you have a Scottish dog breed such as Scottish Terrier, Scottish Deerhound, Skye Terrier, and so on, you can choose Scottish dog names for your puppy.

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Even if your dog breed is another type, you can still choose a good Scottish name for your puppy.

So, in this article, we have list down 500+ Scottish dog names under different themes.

Male Scottish Dog Names and Meanings

Graham - farm homeRoy - king
Niblick - noseDowell - stranger
Maleod - ugly wolfHalifax - early settler
McGowan - son of the blacksmithFrazier - forest men
Burr - ColdBarton - barley
Gilford - ford where the marigolds grewOswald - god' + weald 'power
Whiting - fair oneWylie - from Wylye
Cowan - son ofCarr - dusky
McFee - peaceful personBurt - bright
Remy - oarsmanAmherst - Scottish surname
Shawn - God is graciousEdwin - rich friend
Douglas - black streamAlfred - counsel
Finn - blond warriorAckerman - field" or "agriculture
Marcas - dedicated to MarsBoyd - yellow
Cricton - is a small villageConant - little hound
Maguire - son of OdharBodie - BODY
Magoon - son of the smithBernard - supreme
Logan - small hollowArgyle - an Irishman, from the land of the Gaels
Coby - Coby is a Scottish city nameLean - son of the servant of Saint John
Goodrich - famousRichmond - The Protector King
McGrath - prosperityGallagher - foreign help
Hurst - Asurname of a familyBlair - field
Muir - moorBallard - lack of hair
Denton - Family HistoryAldridge - farmstead
Corkin - LocalWickliff - a village name
Gavin - district of landAgan - Strength and vigilance
Ian - the Lord is graciousBath - Troosers
Stuart - guardianFaden - Name derrived from Paidean
Walter - ruler of the armyFalkland - Village in Scotland
Bunyan - OnionBard - minstrel
Gibbs - brightLennox - with many elm trees
Glasgow - hollowsReynold - brave councilor
Kilgour - A name of a cityAngus - one
Wallace - foreignerBryce - speckled
McRuff - Scotland north of the river ForthDarrow - 'oak tree
Fintan - ittle fair oneAckland - oak-land
Newbury -  fortress or townAlpin - white
Scott - Gaelic speakerAnders - manly
Ramsey - Wild garlicEdmund - fortune
Duff - black peaceBarclay - birch tree meadow
Granger - a farmerAshby - The surname of famous Ashby family
Grant - largeAshford - Lives by the ash tree ford
Hunter -Bain - white
Kyle - caolArchie - bald
Michael - Who is like GodDavis - son of Daved
Kincade - passHansel - good-luck gift
McGinnis - son of AngusCampbell - crooked mouth
Alford - ford by the templeMcFadden - son of little Patrick
Putter - push or shoveDuncan - battle
Tavis - TwinBruce - the willowlands
McGill - son of the strangerCalder - rough waters
Stewart - household guardianForbes - Wealthy or stubborn
Herman - Famous BearerBaber - occupation
Ogden - resided near an oak valleyDuffy - Black
Croft - fenced or enclosed areaAston - east town; ash tree settlement
Macbeth - righteous manGunn - battle
McIntyre - Son of the CraftsmanWatson - son of Walter
Reed - red hairedEdward - Son of Edward
Holcombe - valleyBagley - clearing in the woods
Osborn - divine bearDugal - Dark foreigner
Jack - God is graciousAgar - Chemically comes from agarose
Clark - secretaryMurray - settlement by the sea
Stanwood - From the stony forestFletcher - arrowsmith or seller of arrows
Herbert - brightAtherton - settlement
Channing - young wolfLogan - small hollow
McKay - son of AodhConnor - Lover of Wolves
Ralph - wolfDunn - brown-haired
Wickham - plain in a woodMcCree - luck
Moore - bigShone - shine
Kenzie - The fair oneAlaister - defender of man
Maxwell - Mack's springBrodie - muddy place
Ralston - Ralph's townEaton - farm on a river
McNamara - son of the seaConway - free quarters
Morton - settlementBaker - to dry by heat
Collins - hollyPatton - living near hills
Carson - Carr's sonCameron - Bent nose
Acton - settlementFagan - peasant
Clyde - warmNevis - mountain
Gibson - son of GilbertMcDuff - dark
Drake - dragonAlpine - fair
Hector - keeper of horsesMulligan - grandson of the bald man
Kirk - churchBerkeley - Chamberlain of Scotland
Driscol - news bearerAlvin - precious friend
Henry - home rulerMunroe - man of Ro
Finley - heroAberdeen - at the mouth of the Don
Camus - BattleCalum - Dove
Colin - victory of the peopleOscar - deer friend
Dougal - dark stranger

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Female Scottish Dog Names and Meanings

female scottish dog names

Many Scottish people name their female dogs with human baby girl names.

Further, this nation takes care of dogs as their own children. So, when you give human names, it helps you to feel your puppy as a real human child.

Below is a list of Scottish dog names for your girl dogs.

Tyra - LandMaggie - Pearl
Cait - pureFergie - highest choice
Aileen - LightKinny - From the top of the cliff
Alice - nobilityBlair - battlefield
Teagan - attractiveLogan - small hollow
Whitney - a parish in County HerefordshireMay - May month
Nora - honorKellee/Kelly - aggressive
Deidra - broken-heartedJinny -
Bretta - From BritainLara - Mare
Crissie - Follower of ChristNessa - pure
Adair - From the oak tree fordIona - Purple Jewel
Eva - lifeSheena - God is gracious
Dacey - from the southAllie - Harmony
Ada - adornmentHydra -
Cora - Seething poolMolly - General female name
Crichton - Tthis is a surnameEnya - little fire
Cassidy - curly-hairedLesley - garden of hollies
Paisley - church, cemeteryKerry - blacky
Anice - GraceBonni - Beautiful
Dixie - tenthAlly - defender of man
Davina - Beloved or friendIsla - dynamic
Edith - prosperous in warShannon - skilled storyteller
Caitlan - pureFia - Dark of peace
Cori - dweller in or near a hollowEllie - radiant
Ainsley - one's own meadowArtis - bear

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Scottish Dog Names Inspired by Geography

beautiful cliffs in Scotland

Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries with many natural geographical places.

Further, some of those places and locations have become world-famous and tourist attractors.

Some people name their puppies with those famous landmarks, cities, towns, rivers, and so on.

Below is a list of Scottish dog names from beautiful Scottish locations.

  • Edinburgh – This is the capital city of Scotland. Further, the famous Edinburgh Castle is in this city.
  • Glasgow – This is a famous port city in Scotland. It was also popular as a trading city.
  • Oban – This is a resort town. It can also host about 25000 people in tourist seasons.
  • Skye – The city is famous for its unique landscapes. Moreover, the city is known for fishing as well.
  • Andrews – This is a seaside town. Also, there are many golf courses in the city.
  • Aberdeen – This is also a port city in Scotland. This city has another name called “Granite City.”
  • Elgin – This town was previously a Royal Burgh in Moray. Further, it was a major commercial city.
  • Arran – This is an island in Scotland. Also, this island has a 432 square kilometers land
  • Paisley – This city is in the west-central lowlands.
  • Islay – Isle of Arran, this is the full name of the above island.
  • Cuillin – This is a group of mountains on the island mentioned above.
  • Lomond – It is a lake in southern Scotland.

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Fun and Cool Scottish Puppy Names

If your puppy is a fun and playful breed. You may choose a cool name that convinces your dog is fun and cool.

Below is a list of fun and cool Scottish dog names.

  • Laddie – It means a young man or boy.
  • Lassie – girl or young woman.
  • Ness/Nessie – This is a Scottish surname. Also, the meaning of this name is “headland.”
  • Loch – this is the terms used in the Scottish language for “lake.”
  • Haggis – this is a traditional Scottish dish. Further, it includes ingredients such as the heart, liver, and lungs of a sheep, onions, oatmeal, and so on.
  • Whiskey – Scotland is famous for Whiskey. Also, they produce a various number of Whiskey types.
  • Scotch – This is a Whiskey variant. Therefore, there are some other variants, such as malt and grain.
  • Kilt – Traditional Scottish skirt. Further, this skirt is unisex.
  • Connery – He was a Retired Scottish actor. Also, he has won Academy awards as well
  • William Wallace – He was a Scottish knight. Further, he was a frontline leader in the first war for Scottish independence.
  • Highlander – A nickname for a person from highlands.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – He was the author of the world-famous Sherlock home fictional series.
  • Sherlock – This is the name of the detective in the fictional series of Conan Doyle
  • Bairn – This is a Scottish English term for children. Also, a good name for a baby dog.
  • Cannie – This means a “wise person” in the Scottish language
  • Dafty – A person who is not wise.
  • Toaty – it means “little” in Scottish.
  • Tartan – This name has derived from Tartar cloths.
  • Chip – it has the same meaning as fry.
  • Ale – It means alcohol or alcohol-containing drinks.
  • Plaid – The term is widely used for “blankets.”
  • Sterling – The primary currency of the country.
  • Quid – This another variety of Scottish currency.

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Scottish Food and Beverage Inspired Dog Names

scottish food names

There are various types of food that you can find only in Scotland when it comes to Scottish cuisine.

Many foreigners and tourists love these traditional Scotland food and beverage, and they enjoy them a lot.

So, some people tend to use Scottish food names as dog names.

Below is a list of Scottish dog names inspired by food and beverages.

  • Haggis – This is a traditional Scottish cookie variety. Further, it makes using various flavors and spices.
  • Grouse – They are usually making from bird meats. It also comes as delicious roasted or stewed in casseroles.
  • Porridge – This Scottish diet comes both on sweet and salty flavors.
  • Shortbread – This is a type of Scottish biscuit made from raspberry and local honey.
  • Neeps and tatties – neeps’ are turnips, and ‘tatties’ are potatoes. So Scottish people usually eat both of these together.

Dog Names Inspired by Famous Scottish People

Scotland has produced award-winning actors and actresses to the world.

So, most of them are featuring in Hollywood movies.

Below is a list of Scottish dog names inspired by famous Scottish people.

  • Sean Connery – He may be the most famous Scottish person for the entire world. Because he once played a James Bond role.
  • Tilda Swinton – She was an actress. Also, a winner of Academy awards.
  • Ewan Mcgregor – He is a famous Actor. Further, he played a role in Star Wars.
  • James Mcavoy – He was a popular stage actor.
  • Kelly Macdonald – She was also a famous Scottish actress.

Cute Scottish Names for Dogs

  • Agnes
  • Ailsa
  • Aurley
  • Archie
  • Alexina

Final Words

Scottish name is a bit similar to English names.

However, when you are selecting Scottish dog names for your puppies, you might think about whether you can pronounce the name properly.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

What is your favorite name?

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