Greek Dog Names: 300+ Amazing Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


Greek dog names are very different from other dog names because most of the names have got influenced by Greek traditions and history.

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If you are an owner of Greek dog breeds like Kokoni, Greek Harehound, Greek Shepherd, etc., you may be interested in giving a name for your dog that represents the Greek heritage.

Even if your dog breed is from another origin, you can choose an awesome Greek name for your puppy.

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So, we have listed down 500+ incredible Greek dog names under various themes relating to Greece.

Most Popular and Best Greek Dog Names

Below are some of the most used Greek names.

  • Aura – Greek God for breeze and the fresh
  • Deka – It means “ten.”
  • Echo – sound
  • Kudos – glory
  • Genesis – generation
  • Cressida – Golden
  • Ajax – strong and brave Greek leader
  • Kyon – Another term for “dog.”
  • Dolmadakia – Stuffed food
  • Hecate – Greek God for Magic
  • Dogma – unquestionable concept
  • Leander – Lion Ma
  • Nico – the victory of the people
  • Opa – cultural, emotional expression
  • Philo – loving
  • Ophelia – It means “Help.”
  • Melina – honey
  • Larissa – citadel
  • Oikos – A Greek concept
  • Olive – Olive oil
  • Oracle – the God who predicts the future

Female Greek Dog Names with Meanings

female Greek dog names

Most of the female human names are used to name girl dogs in Greece.

Further, there are famous female gods in Greek history, and their names are so popular among many people around the world.

For example, Venus was the God for love and romance.

 So below is a list of Greek dog names for your girl puppy.

  • Kyriake – Leader
  • Alexandra – one who saves warriors
  • Anastasia – resurrection
  • Demetra – This is the name of a Greek mythical god for corn and harvest
  • Catherine – It means “pure.”
  • Panagiota – complete
  • Konstantina – Steady or constant
  • Sofia – skillful
  • Despoina – Women
  • Irene – it means “peace.”
  • Angelica – It means “Angel.”
  • Calliope – a person who has a beautiful voice
  • Ioanna – God is gracious
  • Paraskevi – preparation
  • Maria – beloved
  • Georgia – Famous bearer
  • Vasiliki – elegant
  • Eleni – It means “light” in the Greek language
  • Anna – beautiful
  • Evangelia – One who brings happy news
  • Celena – Goddess of the moon
  • Alexa – defender of human
  • Alexis – helper
  • Antigone – against
  • Agnes – holy
  • Cleopatra – the glory of her father
  • Cassia – cinnamon
  • Cora – Heart
  • Aretha – Beauty
  • Arianna – most holy
  • Agatha – good
  • Angela – the messenger of God
  • Carissa – beloved
  • Clio – famous
  • Chloe – fertility
  • Calista – most beautiful
  • Ambrosia – food of the gods
  • Asteria – starry one
  • Amara – grace
  • Bernice – victory

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Male Greek Dog Names with meanings

If you are looking for some powerful and proud, do names for your male dog, below Male Greek dog names might fit for you.

Because Greek history is full of war and great warriors.

  • Achilles – pain
  • Adrian – wealthy
  • Dennis – Follower of Dionysius
  • Basil – royal
  • Cicero – Defender of the Roman Republic
  • Alessandro – protector of mankind
  • Corban – a blessing from God
  • Damon – loyal friend of Pythias
  • Constantine – constant
  • Demetrius – Earth-lover
  • Cy – Master
  • Dru – warrior
  • Vasilis – Ruler
  • Deacon – helper
  • Darius – Rich
  • Cole – people’s victory
  • Belen – Arrow
  • Caesar – hairy
  • Calix – Very Handsome
  • Adonis – God of love
  • Anastasios – standing up
  • Anthony – flower
  • Theodoros – God-given
  • Charalampos – shine from happiness
  • Emmanuel – God is with us
  • Athanasios – Does not die
  • Ioannis – God is gracious
  • Michael – who is like God
  • Georgios – It means “earth-worker.”
  • Spiros – basket used to carry seeds
  • Konstantinos – Constant
  • Alexander – protector of man
  • Panagiotis – mother of Jesus
  • Nicholaos – Winning
  • Evangelos – good messenger
  • Chrisos – anointed
  • Dimitris – devoted to Demeter
  • Elias – Jehovah is God
  • Andrew – courageous

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Greek Dog Names Inspired by Locations

santorini Greece

Greece is one of the most tourist-attracted countries in the world for many reasons like Greek architecture, landscapes, beautiful beached and so on.

Therefore, most of the names of such excellent places are used as Greek dog names.

  • Acropolis – This is an ancient city.
  • Corinth – Another famous city in Greece. Further, this city is located in the south-central of Greece.
  • Argos – This city is in the Argolis state. Also, this is the largest city in Argolis.
  • Delphi – It is a religious sanctuary. This city is the home for god Apollo in Ancient Greece.
  • Agora – This is a historical landmark in Greece. Further, this city is located in the northwest of the Acropolis.
  • Thessaloniki – It is a port city in Greece. Also, a significant part of the city was destroyed in the great fire of 1917.
  • Athens – City is known as the heart of ancient Greece.
  • Kefalonia – This is an Island in the west of the mainland.
  • Patras – This is the 3rd largest city in western Greece.
  • Olympia – This city is the home of the Olympic games.
  • Santorini – This is one of the famous tourist attractive locations in Greece. Mainly because of its Landscapes.
  • Myrtos – It is one of the famous beaches in Greece. Further, this beach is located between two mountains.
  • Sparta – This also one of the major ancient cities in Greece.
  • Parthenon – This is an ancient temple in Greece. This temple is also known as the home of the God Athena

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Greek Dog Names Inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology

Greek mythology

Greek mythology is so popular.

Further, almost all the planets in our solar system like Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, and so on have named using Greek god names from Greek mythology.

So, the same influence has come up when naming dogs as well.

Below is a list of Greek dog names inspired by Greek mythology. So in this list you can choose male and female Greek god names for your dogs.

  • Ares – God of War. Further, he is the most hateful God.
  • Demeter – She was the daughter of deities Cronus and Rhea.
  • Gaia – She was a primordial being.
  • Helios – He was sometimes called a Titan. Further, he was a driver of a chariot.
  • Eros – He was the God for love and sex
  • Apollo – Another God, according to ancient Greek stories. Further, he was the son of Zeus and Leto. Also, he was God for healing and medicine.
  • Dionysus – He was one of the twelve Olympians who lived in the Olympus mountains.
  • Circe – She was a legendary character in ancient Greece. She was also known as the God for the Sun.
  • Artemis – Another daughter of Zeus and Leto. Further, she was the twin sister of God Apollo.
  • Chronos – He was a wise man in ancient Greek history. Further, he was also considered to be the father of time.
  • Hades – He was a son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Further, he is known as the God for the underworld.
  • Aphrodite – She is the God of love. Also, she was considered one of the most beautiful women.
  • Athena – She was the Greek God for wisdom.
  • Chaos – This is a concept in the ancient Greek cosmology. It represents the emptiness of the universe.
  • Atlas – In ancient Greece, it was believed that Atlas is holding the celestial heavens for eternity after the Titanomachy.
  • Zeus – One of the most powerful God in the ancient Greek stories.
  • Clio – Another famous character in Greek history.
  • Calliope – She is known as the Chief of all Muses.
  • Hercules – He was a God and a Roman as well. Further, he was one of the sons of Zeus.
  • Persephone – Another daughter of Zeus. She was the God for agriculture.
  • Styx – She was a deity and a river that connects the underworld and Earth.
  • Triton – Mythical merman in Greek history.
  • Prometheus – he is a Titan. He was considered as the creator of humanity from clay.
  • Hera – She was the God for marriage, life, and family.
  • Poseidon – God of the sea. He was another Olympian god as well.
  • Nemesis – Another name for Nemesis is “Rhamnousia”
  • Hermes – He was known as the Soul guide in ancient Greece.
  • Nike – God for personified victory
  • Titan – There were 12 titans and known as the greatest gods in ancient Greece.
  • Hephaestus – He was known as the God of Fire.
  • Hestia – She was another daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Further, she was an Olympian too
  • Morpheus – He was a son of Hypnos. Also known as the son of sleep.
  • Iris – She was a messenger of the gods. Further, she was the daughter of Thaumas and Electra
  • Zephyr – He was the God of the west wind.
  • Nyx – Greek God for the night.
  • Kratos – He was the son of Pallas and Styx and also God of strength and power.

Names of Famous Greek People for Puppies

Names of famous Greek people use as Greek dog names

Greece had produced many great people in the world in different industries.

However, people like Plato and Aristotle are famous among all of them in their respective fields.

So below is a list of Greek dog names inspired by famous Greek people.

  • Diodorus – A famous Greek historian.
  • Plato – An Athenian philosopher in ancient Greece.
  • Strabo – He was a Greek geographer and philosopher.
  • Arrian – He was a military commander and philosopher in Roman periods.
  • Nicolaus – Nicolaus Copernicus was the one who discovered that Earth is rotating around the Sun.
  • Archimedes – He was a Greek mathematician that found the relationship between surface and volume of a sphere.
  • Aristotle – One of the famous philosophers in ancient Greek. Further, his teacher was Plato

Food & Beverages Inspired Names

food inspired Greek dog names

Traditional Greek foods are very delicious, and they use olive oil to make many of their foods.

So below, Greek dog names have come from delicious foods and beverages from Greece.

  • Taramasalata – This is a creamy food in Greece made from olive oil, lemon juice, and so on.
  • Bougatsa – This is a sweet pie. Also, it looks like a pastry.
  • Ellinikos – A traditional Greek coffee.
  • Frappe – This is an Ice coffee drink in Greece. Further, it uses ingredients such as coffee granules and water.
  • Dolmades – This is a stuffed dish.
  • Amygdalota – This is a cookie that made from almonds
  • Baklava – This is a traditional sweet dessert in Greece. Further, this desert is filled with chopped nuts and sweated syrups.
  • Gyro – A traditional Greek dish made from meat. Also, it looks like Indian shawarma.
  • Moussaka – This is a potatoes-based dish in Greece cuisine.
  • Chobani – This is a healthy yogurt brand in Greece.
  • Feta – This is a cheese variant is Greece that made from sheep milk.

Cute Greek Dog Names

If you have a cute puppy, below are some of the cute Greek names for dogs.

  • Tzatziki
  • Aphrodite
  • Agape
  • Agnes
  • Charmion

Unique Greek Dog Names

Below are some of the unique Greek pet names.

  • Titan
  • Iris
  • Athena
  • Darius
  • Triton

Fun and Cool Names

  • Elpis
  • Eumelia
  • Melitta
  • Euanthe

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Final Words

When you are selecting Greek dog names for your puppies, it is better that you keep in mind to choose names that you can easily pronounce.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

So what are your favorite Greek dog names? Is it a Greek god dog name?

Let us know in the comments section.


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