Alaskan Dog Names: 300+ Stunning Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


Alaskan Dog names are unique, and you will rarely see those names are using in somewhere else.

Further, if you are an owner of Alaskan Dog breeds like Alaskan Malamute, Husky, Eskimo and so on, you would love to name your puppy to reflect their heritage.

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However, you can choose a beautiful Alaskan name for any type of male or female puppies.

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So, in this article, we have listed down 250+ stunning Alaskan Dog names under different themes.

Alaskan Dog Names based on Native Sayings & Phrases

Alaskan sayings inspired Alaskan dog names

Alaskan native language has a specific saying and phrases that are unique to Alaska and their native traditions.

So below is a list of Alaskan dog names derived from famous Alaskan Sayings and Phrases.

  • Koko – Stork
  • Aanaq – It means “mother”
  • Kima – Lower blossom
  • Kayuh – Hills
  • Arrluk – It means “a sea whale that kills”
  • Kavik – It means “wolverine”
  • Kamik – A traditional type of boots
  • Aatag – Men
  • Amak – Significance
  • Atka – It means Leader
  • Kanut – It means “white Geese.”
  • Chinook – Born in waters
  • Kaskae – Person who can cook
  • Tonrar – Fire
  • Eska – This is a waterfall
  • Akna – It means “brave”
  • Akiak – The other side
  • Suluk – It means “feather”
  • Miki – Small
  • Suka – Speed
  • Siku – It means “ice”
  • Pakak – Multiple things
  • Shtiya – Power
  • Sakari – Shadow
  • Miska – It means “little bear”
  • Nini – Little girl
  • Tikaani – Name of a warrior
  • Panik – Great
  • Sesi – It means “snow”
  • Pinga – Married women
  • Shila – Fire
  • Sura – Brave
  • Pukak – It means “‘granular snow.”
  • Nanuk – It has the same meaning of “bear master.”
  • Nanook – Master of Bears

Alaskan Dog Names Inspired by Nature and Weather

Aurora in Alaska

You might already know that Alaska is one of the coldest countries in the World

Further, there are seasons where Alaskan people cannot see the sun at all.

In the same way, there are seasons where the sun is up for 24 hours. So, their weather conditions are different from other countries, and therefore there are many natural incidents are occurring like “Auroras”

Below is a list of Alaskan dog names inspired by nature and the weather of Alaska.

  • Chilly – This is a parameter that measures the snowfall levels.
  • Blizzard – Alaska is the hotspot when there is extreme winter weather.
  • Glacier – A massive rock of ice.
  • Aurora – These are Northern Lights Near Fairbanks.
  • Borealis – This is another name for auroras.
  • Avalanche – The mass of snow that falls in an inclined slope.
  • Arctic – Polar region located at the northernmost part of Earth.
  • Gold – Alaska is famous for Gold mining.
  • Storm – It could be ice or snowstorm. It could even be wind.
  • Mountain – You can just name your dog as “Mountain”.
  • Tundra – Main type of Tundra in Alaska are alpine and arctic.
  • Ice – Ice is something that we all know.
  • Snowy – Icefall is known as snow.
  • Igloo – This is one of the strangest tourist attractions city in Alaska.
  • Goldrush – Story relating to gold miners.
  • Winter – Winter in Alaska is so hard that it could fall below −45.6 °C Celsius.

Alaskan Dog Names based on Native Tribes (Inuit Dog Names)

Eskimos are a small community that lives in Alaska and a few other cold countries.

So below is a list of Alaskan dog names derived from native tribes of Alaska.

  • Eskimo – According to researches, there are about 25000 Alaskan Eskimos in numbers.
  • Aleut – This is a name of a separate community in Alaska.
  • Haida – Haida Indians are original people in the Northwest.
  • Eyak – This is a native village in Alaska.
  • Inuit – This is another Alaskan community who lives in the Northwest Arctic Borough.
  • Tlingit – Another community. They are indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America.
  • Tsimshian – Another community that lives in coastal British Columbia.

Alaskan Dog Names Inspired by Geography

Alaskan Dog Names Inspired by Geography

Alaska is a beautiful country, with many tourists attracted locations and landmarks.

Below is a list of Alaskan dog names inspired by famous Alaskan locations.

  • Denali – This is a series of mountains, and it is the highest mountain in North America.
  • Yukon – This is Canadian territory.
  • Eska – Eska Falls is a 10.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail.
  • Kiska – Another famous Island in Alaska. Also, this island belongs to the Rat Islands group.
  • Nuka – This one of the most beautiful Islands in Alaska.
  • Valdez – This is one of the top residential city in Alaska.
  • Wasilla – This is the 6th largest city in Alaska. Further, it is located between two lakes.
  • Hubbard – A massive glacier located in between eastern Alaska and Canada.
  • Frontier – The Last Frontier story.
  • Fairbanks – Another city in Alaska. Further, this city has an army base, a university, etc.
  • Juneau – Another name for this city is “rain country.” Also, this is the capital city of Alaska.
  • Ketchikan – This Alaskan city is known for feisty salmon, idyllic scenery, and traditional cultural values.
  • Sitka – This city is famous for its amazing natural scenes. Further, it is also known for hiking, fishing, and wildlife.
  • Anchorage – This is the largest city in Alaska.
  • Laska – You can even shorten the primary name Alaska and use a part of it like this.
  • Alaska – You can directly go with the primary name itself.
  • Kodiak – The city is famous for commercial transportation ferryboats.

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Food & Beverages Inspired Names

Below is a list of dog names based on Alaskan cuisine.

  • Reindeer Dogs – This a traditional Alaskan street food similar to hot dogs.
  • Gumbo – This is also a conventional Alaskan dish.
  • Muktuk – Another popular dish in Alaska. Further, this dish is made from frozen whale blubber skin.
  • Halibut – This is a seafood variant in Alaska.
  • Sourdough – It is a bread variant made in Alaska.

Alaskan Dog Names – Native Animals

Alaskan native animals

Most of the animals in Alaska are native to Alaska, and you will not see them in any other part of the World because those animals are adapted to live in extremely cold conditions.

So below is a list of Alaskan dog names inspired by native Alaskan animals.

  • Caribou – These animals live in North America. Especially in the arctic tundra, mountain tundra, and northern forests.
  • Grizzly – Brown bear variant in Alaska.
  • Chinook – This is a salmon variant that lives in Alaska.
  • Bison – There are two varieties of Bison in North America.
  • Bear – There is various type of bears in Alaska.
  • Beluga – These animals live in the Arctic Ocean and its nearby seas.
  • Polar – All the Polar bears, live in Alaska.
  • Whale – These are the biggest animals that live on the planet.
  • Orca – You can see Orca In the southeastern part of Alaska.
  • Mammoth – These animals have now gone extinct, and they lived in North America many years ago.
  • Moose – These animals can be found all across North America, including Alaska.

Male Alaskan Dog Names and meanings

Below, boy dog names from Alaska might be a good choice for your male puppy.

  • Nanuq – It means “polar bear lizard.”
  • Arrluk – It means “a sea whale that kills”
  • Kanut – It means “white Geese.”
  • Sakari – Shadow
  • Nukka – A family member
  • Miska – It means “little bear”
  • Kima – Clearing
  • Tanana – Mountains
  • Aga – Leader
  • Suka – Speed
  • Eska – It means “Creek”
  • Kaisha – Young one

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Female Alaskan Dog Names and meanings

Below is a list of girl dog names from Alaska.

  • Amak – Significance
  • Atka – It means leader
  • Chinook – Born in waters
  • Kavik – It means “wolverine”
  • Kayuh – Hills
  • Kaskae – Person who can cook
  • Pakak – Multiple things
  • Nanook – Master of bears
  • Nini – Little girl
  • Miki – Small
  • Shila – Fire

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Most Popular and Best Alaskan Names

Most Popular and Best Alaskan Dog Names

These are some of the top Alaskan dog names that are in common use.

  • Togo — Was the lead sled dog of Leonhard Seppala
  • Moon – People
  • Winter – Cold season
  • Snow – The fourth one
  • Sierra – Long
  • Skylar – A shelter
  • Shadow – Sometimes it translated as “wolf”
  • Sky – Cloud
  • Balto – It was the name of a famous Siberian Husky dog
  • Midnight – Consecutive 24-hour periods of sunlight
  • Elsa – Joyful
  • Luna – Female wolf
  • Crystal – Jewel
  • Kaia – The sea
  • Igloo – House made from ice

Cute Alaskan Dog Names

If you have a cute dog breed, below names might be suitable for your puppy.

  • Alaska
  • Arctic
  • Miki
  • Nini

Unique Alaskan Dog Names

Famous Alaskan names

  • Tanana
  • Pakak
  • Chinook
  • Miska

Fun and Cool Names

These funny and cool Alaskan names

  • Nukka
  • Aleut
  • Eskimo
  • Kaisha

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Final Words

When you are choosing Alaskan dog names for your puppies, it is always better to select names that you and your family can easily pronounce.

Further, you might have to think about whether your dog could separately identify that name from other noises as well.

Moreover, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

So, what are your favorite Alaskan dog names?

Let us know in the comments section.


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