Italian Dog Names: 500+ Incredible Dog Name Ideas


Italian Dog Names are unique from dog names of other countries.

There are many reasons for that, and some of those reasons are as below.

Italy has a tradition that dates back to
thousands of years.

So their traditional influence has effected almost everything in Italy.

For example, Ancient roman emperors’ names are also used as Italian Dog names, like Cesare.


So, in this article, we have listed down 500+ traditional Italian names for your puppy.

Further, you can use these names for any Italian Dog breeds such as Italian Greyhound, Cane Corso, Bracco, etc.

Moreover, you can use these names for any other type of dog breeds as well.

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Most Popular and Best Italian Dog Names


Below is a list of Italian dog names that have derived from famous Italian words and terms.

  • Nerone – Former Roman emperor 
  • Zitto – It means “Shut Up!”
  • Baffi – The Italian term for “Mustache”
  • Bacio – Stands for kiss
  • Vespa – A famous Italian motorbike
  • Luce – Light
  • Mamma Mia – It Means “My Mother! ” in the Italian language.
  • Dolce – Meaning “Sweet”.
  • Primo – It means “the First” in the Italian language
  • Toro – Bull
  • Topolino – This means “Mickey Mouse” in the Italian language
  • Polpetta – Meatball food
  • Leone – It means “Lion”
  • Piccolo – Small, for him, “Piccola“, for her
  • Geronimo – Holy
  • Tesoro – Treasure
  • Matador – It means “Killer”
  • Farfalle – Type of Italian pasta
  • Bruno – It is a good name for a brown color dog because it has the meaning of “Brown”
  • Grazie – This is the Italian word for “Thank You”
  • Carina – Beloved, for her, Carino for him
  • Bianca – It means “White”, for her, “Bianco“, for him
  • Cane – The meaning of this word Is “Dog”
  • Aldo – Old or noble, used for him
  • Cucciolo – Baby animal
  • Amore – Relationship or love
  • Lupo – It means “Wolf”
  • Bellissimo – It means “Very Beautiful”,for him, “Bellissima“, for her
  • Amico – Someone you know, “Friend”, for him, “Amica“, for her
  • Pelo – Hairy
  • Alto – Tall, for him, “Alto“, for her
  • Bravo – “Brave” or “Good Job”, for him, “Brava“, for her
  • Bella – “Gorgeous” or “Beautiful”, for her, “Bello“, for him
  • Luna – The Moon
  • Bambino – Child, for him, “Bambina“, for her


They all sound so cool, don’t they?

Male Italian Dog Names with meanings


We have seen a trend of giving human names for dogs.

There are many reasons for that.

For example, the owners like to feel their dogs like a real human, or the dog has the Italian spirit.

So, below is a list of Italian dog names for boy dogs you could use

  • Colombo – Dove
  • Ugo – Brave
  • Guido – Guy
  • Donatello – Given by God
  • Enrico – Homeowner
  • Renzo – Third son
  • Vito – Life
  • Elmo – Protection
  • Romeo – Love
  • Egidio – Young goat
  • Ettore – Being honest and loyal
  • Ernesto – “Interested” or “Serious”
  • Rocco – Rest
  • Corrado – Sage counselor
  • Leone – Brave warrior, lion
  • Pasquale – One born on Easter day
  • Carlo – Characters of a man
  • Tino – Little
  • Dona – Donates
  • Giuliano – Young and energetic
  • Primo – First
  • Aria – High value
  • Rinaldo – Intelligently powerful
  • Piero – Stone
  • Aldo – Old or Noble
  • Ambrosi – Immortal
  • Arturo – It means “Bear”
  • Ilario – Enjoyment
  • Fabio – Bean grower
  • Flavio – A hair with blond Color
  • Giuseppe – Form of Joseph
  • Romano – A person representing from Rome city
  • Francesco – Free
  • Diego – Well-Educated
  • Vincenzo – Vincent
  • Riccardo – Powerful Leader
  • Lorenzo – Laurel Trees
  • Salvatore – Which Saves
  • Tommaso – A Twin
  • Tito – Giant
  • Mario – Bitter
  • Luigi – Famous Warrior
  • Alessandro – Defending Men
  • Pietro – Rock
  • Angelo – Angel
  • Dante – Famous Bearer
  • Giovanni – God Is Gracious
  • Leonardo – Strong as a Lion
  • Filippo – Friend of Horses
  • Paolo – Small
  • Gino – Ever-Living
  • Luca – Bringer of Light
  • Roberto – Bright Fame
  • Enzo – Rules the Home
  • Antonio – Beyond Praise
  • Federico – Peaceful Ruler
  • Sergio – Attendant
  • Matteo – Gift of God
  • Domenico – Master

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Female Italian Dog Names with Meanings


Similarly, human girl names are also used for female dogs.

These ones fits very well every kind of companion which is very protective and jealaous.

So below is a list of Italian Dog names for female dogs.

  • Serena – Clear
  • Grazia – Kindness
  • Giulia – Young Women
  • Regina – Queen
  • Aria – Noble
  • Stella – Star
  • Allegra – Lively
  • Sofia – Wisdom
  • Flavia – Golden
  • Pietra – Stone
  • Gemma – Precious Stone
  • Olympia – A Person from Olympus
  • Rufina – A Person who has a Red Hair
  • Mona – Women
  • Lunetta – Little Moon
  • Volante – Steering Wheel
  • Fausta – Fortunate
  • Octavia – Born Eighth
  • Giulia – Born in June
  • Rosa – Rose
  • Viviana – Still Living
  • Renata – Reborn
  • Pippa – Friendly short name
  • Rosetta – Rose Flower
  • Elda – Women Fighter
  • Anita – Grace
  • Gemma – Precious Stone
  • Renata – Reborn
  • Antonia – Beautiful
  • Chiara – Illustrious
  • Martina – God of The War
  • Carlotta – Free
  • Alonza – Ready for Battle
  • Allegra – Lively
  • Cadenza – Piece of Music
  • Cira – Sunshine
  • Giulia – Youthful
  • Ludovica – Illustrious Fighter
  • Amalea – Hardworker
  • Giada – Jade
  • Bellissa – Lovely One
  • Alessia – Defender
  • Francesca – Free
  • Giovanna – The Lord Is Gracious
  • Sofia – Wisdom
  • Bambi – Little Child
  • Ginevra – Fair One
  • Benedetta – Blessed
  • Caprice – Fancy
  • Margherita – Daisy
  • Belinda – Beautiful
  • Federica – Powerful
  • Constanza – Constancy
  • Carmela – Home Garden
  • Giorgia – Farmer
  • Catarina – Clean and Pure

Have you chosen your best?

Try to make a list and then select preferred ones!

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Food & Beverages Inspired Names


No need to explain that Italian foods Pizza, Pasta, Lasagna and so on are very delicious foods.

So, if you have ever had Italian foods, there is no wonder that you would love them.

Given below is a list of Italian dog names that have inspired Italian cuisine.

  • Gelato – This is an Ice cream based Italian dessert that comes in many flavors
  • Tiramisu – This is a coffee-flavored dessert; also, this is similar to a piece of cake
  • Risotto – This dish is made from rice; further, this dish is originally from northern Italy
  • Ravioli – This is a pasta variant; however, it looks like a pastry
  • Cannoli – This is a traditional Italian Pastry; this food is from Sicilian cuisine
  • Budino – This is a sweat that looks like a pudding; it is made from custard and creams
  • Prosecco – This is an Italian wine; further, this wine is made in Veneto
  • Zuppa – A famous traditional Italian soup; also, it uses ingredients such as potatoes, carrots, and onions
  • Pesto – This herbal sauce made from crushed garlic, pine nuts, salt, and basil leaves
  • Gnocchi – Another Italian dish; it uses ingredients like wheat flour, egg, cheese, and potato
  • Ziti – This is another pasta variant from Italy; however, it is larger than Mezzani
  • Biscotti – A traditional Italian biscuit made from almond
  • Espresso – special Italian coffee
  • Bottarga – Another delicious food; also, this is similar to Pizza.
  • Ribollita – A vegetable soup variant in Italy
  • Polenta – This is a dish made from corn
  • Carbonara – Another delicious Italian dish; further, it uses ingredients like spaghetti, eggs, pecorino cheese, cured guanciale, and black pepper to make it
  • Focaccia – Bread variant out of many Italian bread types
  • Digestivo – This is kind of a drink that uses lemon
  • Nutella – A flavored chocolate like butter

Names of Famous Italian People For Puppies

Italy has a history of more than 2000 years.

So, Italy has produced many great people to the world in many fields such as Science, Physics, Arts, Music, etc.

Have a look how eternal is Giulio Cesare!


Below is a list of Italian Dog names inspired by famous Italian people.

  • Da Vinci – I’m sure that you have heard about Leonardo Da Vinci, a multi-talented person in many subjects
  • Michelangelo – He was a famous Italian painter and sculptor; further, he is considered as one of the important figures in western arts
  • Raphael – He was a famous Italian architect and painter
  • Donatello – Famous sculptor of the Renaissance who lived in Italy
  • Galileo – One of the famous Italian Physicist ever lived in Italy; further, he was an Engineer too
  • Marco Polo – A person who was in the trading business and traveled through the Asian silk road
  • John Paul – He was a pope
  • Mussolini – A famous Italian Politician. Further, he was the leader of the National Fascist Party
  • Caesar – One of the dominant leaders of the ancient Roman Empire
  • Augustus – He was also a former Roman military leader and the first Roman emperor
  • Nero – Another Roman emperor. Also, he is famous for playing a musical instrument while Rome burned during the great fire.
  • Claudius – Roman Emperor. Further, he was the first emperor to born outside Italy.
  • Pavarotti – A famous character in the Italian Music field.
  • Valentino – Valentino Rossi was a champion motorbike racer.
  • Versace – This is a luxury Italian fashion company.

Italian Dog Names Inspired by Locations & Landmarks in Italy

Italy is one of the top tourist attractive countries because of its history and natural geographical locations.

For example, Venice is a city where everything is done on waters, and there are no roads and vehicles other than boats.


So below is a list of Italian dog names inspired by famous Italian locations, Landmarks, cities, geography and so on.

  • Florence – A great city with many traditional Italian architectural landmarks.
  • Roma – One of the oldest cities in Italy; further, the history of the city dates back to many ages
  • Palermo – Southern town in the Sicily island, known for art, food and the film “the Godfather”
  • Venice – The city with no roads; all the transportations are done in waters.
  • Milan – The largest metropolitan area in Italy; this is the primary capital city in Italy
  • Verona – Another Italian historical town; also, it is famous for Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” story
  • Pisa – This is the city where the famous leaning tower is located in
  • Siena – This city is popular for its gothic style architecture
  • Amalfi – This is a coastal city in Italy, further their areas in this city where it has cliffs instead of beaches
  • Como – The city is famous for the gothic Como cathedral
  • Trevi – This is one of the oldest fountains to supplied water in ancient Rome
  • Pompeii – The city is a landmark for the rich Architectural culture that was prevailing more than 1000 years ago.
  • Genoa – Famous Italian port city in the north of the country


Every Italian cities have unique beauty, which one fits well your puppy?

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Cute Italian Dog Names

  • Romeo
  • Giulietta
  • Venere
  • Gioia
  • Tesoro
  • Vita
  • Fiore
  • Bellissima
  • Amore
  • Carina

Unique Italian Dog Names

  • Nero
  • Tino
  • Vespa
  • Colosso
  • Cannolo
  • Lucca
  • Enzo

Fun and Cool Names

  • Aio
  • Ciao
  • Faro
  • Cesare
  • Camurria
  • Gioia
  • Tiramisu
  • Vita

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Final Words

So, you have plenty of names to choose a name for your dog.

Most Italian dog names are indeed very unique from other names.


However, when you are choosing a name for your puppy, it would be better if you could choose a name that your dog could easily distinguish from other noises.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

Let us know your favorite Italian dog names in the comments section!


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