French Dog Names: 500+ Awesome Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


French Dog Names are awesome because most of them have meanings inspired by various French cultural facts.

If you have ever visited France, you might have already seen their culture, famous landmarks, beautiful locations.

In fact, there are a lot of such reasons to love France and French culture.

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So, you may want to give a French dog name for your puppy to remember the things that you most loved in France.

Also, it could be anything related to France.

So, in this article, we have listed down 500+ French dog names for your male and female puppies under different French themes.

French Male Dog Names and Their Meanings

Below is a list of French boy dog names.

Adrien - darkOdie - Allons amuser ces troupes
Alexandre - Defender Of The PeopleOliver - The Olive Tree
Alfred - GreatPascal - One Born on Easter Day
Alphonse - Noble, Ready for BattlePhilippe - Lover of Horses
Amaury - Work PowerPierre - Rock
Andre - Manly, Masculine and BraveRafale - Gust of Wind
Antoine - Highly PraiseworthyRaoul - Wolf-Counsel
Archibald - Chief, MasterRémy - Oarsman
Armand - WarriorRené - Reborn
Arnaud - Eagle PowerReynard - Strong Counselor
Aubin - White, BrightSaville - Temple
Beau - HandsomeSebastien - Town name in Philippines
Beauregard - RespectedSerge - Fabric
Bruno - BrownSeverin - Severe
Casanova - Man who is passionate about womenStephane - The crown of glory
Cezanne - Surname of Famous French PainterTheodore - God's Gift
Charles - Free manTheo - Gift of God
Christophe - Bearer of ChristToulouse - Name of a City
Damien - To tameTristan - Bold or Sad
Danton - praiseworthyUlysse - Paris
Devereaux - riverbankYves - Yew
Dominoe - DominoLouis - Famous Warrior
Édouard - EdwardLuc - Light
Émile - industriousLucien - Bringer of Light
Enzo - conqueringMarc - Coffee Grounds
Étienne - CrownMarcel - Little Warrior
Fabien - A BeanMatthieu - Surname of French Matthieu
Felix - luckyMaurice - Dark Skinned
François - FrenchMarceau - Warlike
Franck - OriginMerle - Blackbird
Frédéric - Peaceful RulerMilou - Snowy
Garcon - boyNoel - Christmas
Gaston - Guest, StrangerNoir - Black
Gérard - brave with a spearLéon - Brave as a Lion
Gilles - Name of a SaintAmoureux - lover
Grégoire - GregoryAndré - male warrior
Guillaume - Resolute ProtectorAubin - white
Guismo - GizmoBaldoin - brave friend
Gustave - Famous GuestChanceux - lucky
Guy - Fighter, GuideFlâneur - aimless loafer
Henri - Rules his householdFranco - french or relating to french
Hugo - Thought, Mind, SpiritHeureux - happy
Jacques - JamesLeon - lion
Jean - The Lord is GraciousMarvel - to wonder or admire
Julien - YouthfulNoir - black
Laurent - From LaurentumPascal - mischievous
Rififi - troublePerceval - pure and innocent

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French Female Dog Names & Their Meanings

female french dog

French people use most of the baby girl names to names their female dogs. This is because French people take care of dogs as their real human kids.

So let’s see some of the female French dog names in the below list.

Adelaide - NobilityIsabel - Pledged to God
Adele - NobleJacqueline - Supplanter
Adrienne - From the City HadriaJeanette - Little Jean
Adieu - GoodbyeJolie - Pretty
Agathe - KindJoséphine - May Jehovah add
Agnès - PureJosette - Jehovah increases
Aimée - Friend, BelovedJuliette - Young
Alair - CheerfulLili - Lilly Flower
Amélie - Hard workingLilo - Air
Anaïs - GraciousLisette - Pledged to God
Anastasie - ResurrectionLulu - Famous Warrior
Angeline - AngelLouise - Renowned fighter
Antoinette - Beyond PraiseLyonette - Little Lion
Audrey - Noble StrengthMadeleine - woman from Magdala or high tower
Aurélie - GoldenMarcelle - Warlike
Babette - My God is PlentifulMargaux - Pearl
Babou - MetroMarguerite - Daisy
Bearnaise - A Rich Sauce Made from egg yolksMarie - Sea
Bebe - BabyMathilde - Strong in War
Bella - PrettyMignon - Dainty
Belle - BeautifulMonaco - City in Italy
Bernadette - Brave as a BearMonique - Wise
Bijou - JewelNana - Women
Blanche - WhiteNicolette - Victory Of The People
Bonbon - CandyOdette - Melodic
Brie - Cheese!Papillon - Butterfly
Brigitte - StrongParfait - Perfect
Caroline - Song of HappinessParis - Capital of France
Cécile - BlidPatrice - Patrician
Céline - MoonPaulette - Humble
Chantal - SongPénélope - Myth
Chanel - Fashion BrandPhilippine - The Country of Philippines
Cherie - Dear, BelovedRenée - Reborn
Coco - coconut fibreRochelle - Little Rock
Coquette - FlirtSabine - Woman of the Sabine people
Corinne - Beautiful MaidenSimone - Hearkening
Delphine - DolphinSoleil - Sun
Desireé - DesiredSophie - Wisdom
Dominique - Belonging to the LordSuzanne - Lily
Éclair - PastrySylvie -Forest
Edith - Riches or BlessedThérèse - Harvester
Élise - My God is an oathValentine - Valentine Day
Elle - SheValérie - Strong
Élodie - HeritageViolette - violet
Eloise - HealthyVivienne - Lively
Émilie - StriveYvette - Archer
Esmé - EsteemedAmé - beloved
Fantine - ChildlikeAmie - friend
Felicite - LuckyBijou - jewel
Fifi - MayCoquelicot - poppy
Fleur - FlowerCoquette - flirt
Frédérique - Peaceful RulerEsmé - esteemed or loved
Gabrielle - God is my strong manFélicité - happy or lucky
Geneviève - Woman of the raceFille - girl
Gigi - God is graciousFleur - flower
Giselle - Beautiful like the starsLibellule - dragonfly
Hélène - Wife of Kins SpartaPapillon - butterfly
Heloise - HealthyVivien - Lively

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French Dog Names Inspired by French Cuisine

food names are used as french dog names

If you have ever visited France, I’m sure that you have enjoyed their food and beverages.

Personally, I very much like French wines.

Further, you can give the names of French foods and Beverages to your dog. Also, when you call your dog by such a name, you will always remember all those delicious foods.

So below are the French Dog names inspired by Foods and Beverages.

French Food Names for your Puppy

  • Brie – A type of cheese
  • Pistache – Pistachio
  • Éclair – Type of Pastry filled with chocolate
  • Ganache – It is a pastry filling with Icing, sauce, Glaze
  • Fondue – Swiss melted cheese dish
  • Cassoulet – Sausage and Bean soup
  • Flamiche – It is a tar made with leeks and cream
  • Oysters – Bivalve Molluscs
  • Raclette – Wheel shape semi-hard cheese
  • Tartiflette – A savory dish
  • Bouillabaisse – Traditional Fish Stew

French Beverage Names for your Puppy

  • Pastis – anise-flavored spirit
  • Calvados – It’s a type of champagne made from Apple
  • Chambord – It is a raspberry liqueur
  • Kir – Type of white wine
  • Barsac – White dessert wine

French Dog Names Based on popular Locations and Landmarks in France.

Name "Eiffel" is used as a french dog names

There is a lot of attractive tourist place in France.

So one of the one landmark we all know is Eiffel Tower.

Also if you have visited France, you might have seen the famous Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles and so on.

Further, Below is a list of French dog names inspired by famous French locations, landmarks, cities, regions, etc.

  • Eiffel – All time famous Eiffel Tower.
  • Paris – This city is known as the city of Light.
  • Triomphe – The Arc de Triomphe is a famous landmark in France.
  • Marseille – A famous port city in southern France. Also, the history of the city dates back to 600BC.
  • Avignon – It is a city in southern France. Also, it is set on the Rhône Riverside.
  • Montpellier – The city has many Gothic cathedrals.
  • Lyon – It is the Capital city in the Alps region. Further, the city has a history of 2000 years.
  • Cathédrale – Famous Notre-Dame de Chartres. Also, this is a UNESCO heritage site.
  • Provence – A landscape of olive groves. Further, you can see it in the purple color.
  • Carcassonne – It is a Castle in the middle ages. Further, the area is well preserved.
  • Brittany – It is a Historic area. Also, there is a Gothic cathedral.
  • Biarritz – Attractive beach town on the beautiful Bay of Biscay

French Dog Names Inspired by Famous French People

historical french image of Napoleon Bonaparte

France is a country with lots of historical events.

Also, Frenchman became so popular all around the world in various industries.

For example, Napoleon was a French military and pollical leader who acquired various other countries with his military involvement.

So the Name “Napoleon” may be a suitable name for a powerful and strong dog.

Below is a list of French dog names derived from French characters.

  • Monet – founder of French Impressionist painting
  • Louis (Louis Pasteur, King Louis) – French biologist who discovered the principles of vaccination
  • Marquis (Marquis de Sade) – He was an evolutionary politician and a philosopher.
  • Descartes (René Descartes) – Descartes was a Famous French philosopher and mathematician.
  • Marie-Curie – French physicist and chemist who discovered radiation
  • Napoleon – Military and A pollical leader
  • Coco (Coco Chanel) – French Business women who is the founder and namesake of the Chanel brand.
  • Pascal (Blaise Pascal) – French mathematician and physicist.
  • Antoinette (Marie Antoinette) – She was the last queen of France before the French Revolution.
  • Jacques (Jacques Torres) – Pastry arts expert.
  • Gérard Depardieu – Famous French Actor
  • Victor Hugo – He is an author who wrote Les Misérables.
  • Gérard Depardieu – Famous French Artist.
  • Voltaire – Historian Philosopher and Writer.

Cute French Names for Dogs

Below are some of the Cute French dog names for your puppy.

  • Esmé – Esteemed, Loved
  • Elle – She
  • Mignon – cute, dainty
  • Odette – Melody
  • Jolie – Pretty

Popular French Names for Puppies

Below are some of the all-time popular French Dog Names

  • Napoleon – French Military Leader
  • Garcon – Boy
  • Denis – God of Wine
  • Beldoin — brave friend

Final Words

Some dog owners like to give names for their dogs based on their country’s origin.

For example, Let’s say you have French dog breed types such as French Bulldog, Poodle, Barbet, and others.

So, in that case, you may select a French dog names for your puppies.

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However, even if your dog is not a French breed, you can select a matching French name for your dog.

Further, you can check out the below related articles for other country specific Dog names.

So what is the French dog name that you have selected for your puppy?

Have we missed your favorite French puppy name?

Let us know in the comments section.


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