Spanish Dog Names: 500+ Fascinating Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


Spanish Dog Names are pleasant to hear.

The name of your dog represents your identity. So, when you are giving name from an awesome language like Spanish, it is fun and cool when someone hears you call the dog.

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Also, if your dog is a Spanish dog breed type like Mastiff, Greyhound, Sheepdog, and so on, you may like a give a name for your puppy to show his origin and heritage.

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Further, make sure that you will choose a name that you will be comfortable of. Because you will have to live with that name for a longer time.

In this article, we have provided 500+ various types of Spanish dog names under different themes and categories.

Male Spanish Dog Names with meanings

Abejundio - bee-likeJulio - july
Alejandro - Defends mankindLeon - lion
Alonzo - noble, readyLeonardo - strong as a lion
Antonio - Beyond praiseLisandro - Freeing a man
Armand - ArmandLorenzo - someone from Laurentum
Armando - soldierLuis - Famous Warrior
Belen - BethlehemManco - needless
Benito - BenedictMarco - framework
Bernardo - brave like a bearMario - Warring
Carlos - Free ManMarques - lofty
Carmine - pigment of a bright-red colorNavarro - plain next to mountains
Chico - boyNicolas - Victorious
Consuelo - comfortOnofre - Defender of peace
Cortez - courtsOrlando - orlar
Cruz - CrossPablo - artist Pablo Picasso
Dante - An Italian poetPaco - father of the Franciscan order
Dario - RichPancho - fuss
Diego - Famous BearerPaulo - Place of Rest
Domingo - Sunday masculinePedro - stone
Donato - gift from GodPonce - reflection
Eduardo - Prosperous guardianQuito - capital of Ecuador
Eloy - Renowned warriorRafael - God has healed
Emilio - rivalRamon - Counsel Protection
Enrique - Home RulerRaul - wolf counsel
Esteban - garland crownRaymundo - Counsel Protection
Federico - peaceful rulerRicardo - Powerful/Great Leader
Felipe - friend of horsesRico - adorable, lovely
Ferdinand - prepared, readyRio - City Rio
Fernando - journeyRodrigo - Famous Ruler
Francisco - free manRoldan - Famous
Galeno - familiarSalvador - rescuer
Geraldo - Spear RuleSancho - other man in a relationship
Gitano - male gypsySantiago - Saint James
Gonzalo - battle geniusSanto - holy
Guido - lower-classSerge - little blue + red spots
Guillermo - MemoSergio - servant
Hernan - spiritual travelerSocorro - relief
Inigo - my little (love)Vicente - conquering
Jorge - earth-workerVito - St. Vitus
Jose - God Will IncreaseXimen - west gate
Juan - Midsummer dayZorro - leering man

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Female Spanish Dog Names with meanings

female Spanish dog

When you are choosing a Spanish name for your girl dog, there are lots of names available because Spanish people use their human baby girl names for their dogs as well.

So we have listed down female dog names below with their meanings.

Alejandra - Greek female given name AlexandraLucia - light
Alicia - nobleLucinda - Light
Alma - nourishingLuisa - Fame and war
Anita - mercifulLuna - The Moon
Beatriz - brings joyLupe - nickname for Guadalupe
Bebe - babyLuz - glow
Belinda - beautiful serpentMacaria - truly blessed
Bella - beautifulMadrona - madraza doting mother
Blanca - shiningMagdalena - fairy cake
Bonita - pretty, cuteMarcela - Young Warrior
Brisa - gentle windMarcia - war-like
Carina - darlingMargarita - pearl
Carissa -  fragrant white flowerssMaria - Bitter
Carlotta - ManlyMarina - marine life
Carmen - God's vineyardMarta - the daughter
Catalina - pureMelia - spanish name for Amelia
Charo - cowboyMelosa - esembling honey
Chica - girlMercedes - History
Chiquita - little girlMona -  female monkey
Cielo - skyMora - Blackberry
Consuela - comfortNatalia - Christmas Day
Coraima - Classmate FinderNelia - horn
Corazon - heartNeva - snow
Cornelia - war hornNieve - snow
Cristina - ChristianNina - child
Dahlia - Dalia flowerNita - Gift Of God
Damita - Little nobleOlinda - Protector
Delora - Virgin MaryPaloma - dove
Delores - sorrowsPatia - leaf
Drina - Defender of mankindPerdita - lost
Eldora - BlondPresencia -  presence
Elena - brightQuerida - female romantic partner
Elsa - God's promiseReina - queen
Emelda - Entire BattleRia - river mouth
Esmeralda - name of the Gypsy girlRima -  rhyme
Esperanza - expectationRisa - laughs
Estrella - EtymologyRita - Precious pearl
Eva - living oneRoberta - bright fame
Felicia - happy, luckyRocio - Dew
Fernanda - adventurous, bold journeyRosa - rose
Flor - moldRosalinda - beautiful
Frederica - peaceful rulerRosario - Our Lady of the Rosary
Frida - beautiful, belovedRosita - little rose
Fuensanta - Holy FountainSancha - Holy
Gabriela - God is my strengthSancia - Holy
Giselle - Beautiful like the starsSantana - Holy
Gitana - gypsy girl or womanSavannah - A flat grassland
Graciela - Graceful BeautySenalda - A Sign, Symbol
Hada - fairySierra - saw
Idola - cult figureSoledad - loneliness
Inez - virginalSonora - sonorous
Inocencia - innocenceTasia - Resurrection
Isabela - My God is bountifulTeresa - Mother Teresa
Jacinta - Hyacinth or purpleTia - uncle
Jade - A semiprecious gemstoneTierra - Earth/Land
Juana - JoanValencia - City in Spain
Julia - paddy wagonVentura - happiness
Justina - fair, justVida - life
Lalo - Rich GuardianXiomara - battle famous
Lareina - the queenYolanda - Violet Flower
Lela - night, flower, beautyZanita - God's gift
Letitia - HappyZelia - Sunrise
Lita - GladlyZerlina - beautiful dawn
Lola - sorrowsZita - The Seeker
Loretta - pureZoila - life

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Funny and Cool Spanish Dog Names

funny and cool names for Spanish dogs

Below are some of the funny names for your dog.

  • Amigo – It is the Spanish word for friend
  • Blanco – It means “White.”
  • Dinero – This word represents the term “Money.”
  • Goal – The meaning is same as Goal
  • Gordo – It means “Fat.”
  • Grande – This is the Spanish word for “Big.”
  • Loco – It means “crazy.”
  • Pequeno – “little.”
  • Rojo – “red.”
  • Torpe – “clumsy.”
  • Toro – Spain is famous for “bull” fights. This means “Bull.”
  • Uno – “one.”

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Food and Beverage Inspired Dog Names

spanish food name are commonly used as spanish dog names

Many people in the world love Spain food culture. So that is one of the reasons many people visit Spain.

Further, Spanish food names for dogs are widespread. Therefore, if you love any Spanish food or beverages, you can name your dog by those names.

So, every time you call your dog by a food name, you will remember that deliciousness that you enjoyed from Spanish foods.

Below is a list of dog names inspired by Spanish food and beverages.

  • Bravas – This is a Spanish native pasta variety. Also, it usually consists of white potatoes.
  • Chorizo – Thus is a type of pork sausages.
  • Croquetas – Small cylinder of food consisting of filling breaded and deep-fried.
  • Jamon – dry-cured ham produced in Spain. Further, this one of the world-famous Spanish cuisine.
  • Paella – This is a rice dish. Also, the origin of the dish is from a Spanish city known as Valencia.
  • Pisto – The origin of this dish is from Murcia. Further, the main ingredients of this dish are tomatoes, onions, and eggplants.
  • Empanada – This is a Spanish pastry variety. So, it comes with various types of fillings.
  • Churros – This is also a Spanish pastry, but it is a snack type pastry.  
  • Tortilla – It is a Spanish omelet type. This is also a traditional dish in Spain.
  • Gazpacho – This is a soup variant made from raw blended vegetables.
  • Gamba – This means shrimps in Spanish
  • Sabroso – It means Tasty in Spanish

Spanish Dog Names Based on popular Locations and Landmarks in Spain.

pablo picasso

As we said earlier, Spain has lots of tourist attractive places.

Some of them are world heritage sites. Also, there are attractive beaches and so on.

So below is a list of Spanish dog names inspired by famous Spanish cities and locations.

  • Barcelona – This is a city in Spain. Also, this city is famous because of the football club based in this city.
  • Cordoba – This is a city in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.
  • Ibiza – It is one of the Balearic Islands in Spain.
  • Leon – a town on the Bernesga River in northwest Spain
  • Madrid – This is the Capital City in Spain. Also, the Football club Real Madrid is based on this city.
  • Palma – A resort city in the western Mediterranean. 
  • Ronda – It is a mountaintop city in Spain’s Malaga province.
  • Seville – This is a capital city in southern Spain. Also, there is a significant castle complex in Spain.
  • Toledo – This is an ancient city in Spain
  • Valencia – This is a port city.
  • Vigo – This city is on the northwest coast of Spain.

Spanish Dog Names Inspired by Famous Spanish People

Spain has produced great people in the world in different industries.

For example, Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest painters who ever lived on earth. Further, most of his works have become so famous all around the world.

Let’s see some of those famous Spanish characters’ names used as Spanish dog names.

  • Antonio (Banderas) – Spanish Actor film producer and a director
  • Penélope (Cruz) – Spanish actress and model
  • Javier (Bardem) – Spanish actor and environmental activist
  • Paz (Vega) – Spanish actress and model
  • Picasso – Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a Spanish painter
  • Isabella (Queen of Castille) – Queen of Castile from 1474
  • Enrique (Iglesias) – Spanish singer, songwriter, and actor
  • Carlos (Santana) – Mexican and American guitarist
  • Salvador (Dali) – Spanish Surrealist artist renowned for his technical skill
  • Joaquín (Cortés) – He is a Spanish classically trained ballet and flamenco dancer

Cute Spanish Names for Dogs

Below is a list of Cute Spanish dog names. Further, you can use most of them for both Male and female dogs.

  • Lindo/a – It means cute in the Spanish language
  • Bonita – It also has the meaning of cute
  • Felipa – lover of horses
  • Amadis – the Love of God
  • Demetrio – loves the earth
  • Carina – Beloved
  • Querida – Also has the meaning of Love
  • Amor – It means Love

Popular Spanish Names for Puppies

Below is a list of Spanish dog names that are most popular in Spain. Also, these names are very common.

  • Alfrendo – Elf
  • Adan – Adam
  • Amigo – Friend
  • Chico – Boy
  • Cielo – Sky


You can use these Spanish dog names for Spanish dog names as well as any other dog breeds.

Further, you can check out the below related articles for other country specific Dog names.

Finally, when you are choosing a name, make sure that you select a name that you can pronounce properly, and your dog could distinguish the sound of the name from other noises.

So what Spanish name you like the most?

Let us know in the comments section.


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