Hawaiian Dog Names: 500+ Fascinating Dog Name Ideas


The Hawaiian Dog Names are unique and most of those names are associated with their tropical culture.

It is true that when you say the word Hawaii, all that comes to your mind is Island, Beaches, Coconut trees and so on.

We suggest you to make a list of liked names and then pick up from that your preferred ones.

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So, all those tropical cultures and traditions have influenced their dog names.

In this article, we have listed 500+ Awesome Hawaiian Dog Names under various themes that reflect Hawaiian culture, food, islands and so on.

You can also watch our video about this topic.


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Male Hawaiian Dog Names with Meanings

hawaiian-dog-names-male-names-with-meaningsBelow is a list of traditional Hawaiian Boy Dog Names for your puppy.

Names are listed together with their meaning, to allow you to have a better understanding and so a cooler choice.

Kapena – A great Orator of HawaiiAouli – Blue Sky on a Clear Day
Koa – FearlessLupo – A Nickname for a Violent
Hae – TeasePûkini – Precious
Keiki – The Little OneKahawai – River, Stream, Valley
Kekona – Second-born ChildLachlan – Warlike
Kahoku – This is a unisex name; also, it means “The Star”Weuweu – Importance
Kimo – SupplanterKanani – The Beauty
Anakoni – WorthPaul – Small
Kale – Free ManAhe – Softly Blowing Breeze
Ailani – Highly Ranked Offer or LeaderMano – A Passionate Lover
Ezera – One Who Like to Help OthersPolupolu – Clear Sky
Amoka – Able to Withstand ForceOle – Privative
Kaipo – A Person who Loves Someone “Sweetheart”Bane – Long Awaited Child
Kekoa – WarriorMana – Influence
Kekipi – The RevoltLakely – Meadow Lake
Asera – FortunatePekelo – Rock
Keanu – Cool Air in the MountainInoki – Born During Troubled Times
Keoki – Form of GeorgeNalu – Surging Surf
Kalani – The HeavensSunny – Good Sunshine
Kei – GloriousIakopa – Back to Back
Kealii – The LeaderHanale – Lord of the Manor
Liko – Best Friend “Buddy”Polo – Straight
Hiwa – PreciousWaha Nui – Goodbye
Kanuha – It is a Hawaiian SurnameEkewaka – Hawaiian Form of Edward
Amana – Brave FighterOke – Deer Lover
Edega – Lucky NumberPilikea – Problem
Analu – Good Qualities of ManPalani – A Man with Freedom
Kapono – RighteousKahuna – Magician
Kolohe – NaughtyMalo – A Victorious Man
Alemana – Experienced Soldier or FighterNui – Much Love
Kikokiko – A Small SpotKaleo – Voice
Akamu – It Means “Earth”Nahoa – Showing Defiance
Aka – AffectionateMeka – It Means “Eyes”
Etana – Dedication and Strength

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Female Hawaiian Dog Names with Meanings


Many of the Hawaiian human girl names and girly type names are given to female dogs.

If you have a girl dog and like the culture, what about giving a Hawaiian dog name for your puppy?

Surely she will always look cool to her puppy friends and their owners!

So, here is the list of Female Hawaiian Dog Names you were looking for.

Kalei – The ChildNohea – Handsome
Alika – NobleLani – Heaven
Keona – God’s Gracious GiftRoselani – Heavenly Rose
Eleu – LivelyLeilani – Heavenly Flower
Kaikala – The Sea and the SunMiki – Three Trees Together
Kaia – It means “The Sea”Melia – Plumeria
Kaimana – Ocean, Sea and Mana, PowerMoana – Vast Body of Water
Kaiolohia – Calm SeaNalani – Heavens
Kalena – PureOkalani – Heaven
Kani – It means “Sound”Palila – It means “Bird” in Hawaiian
Hoala – ClassmateLuana – Enjoyment
Kahili – Rainbow PartMeli – Bee
Kailani – Sea and SkyMirena – Floating Thought
Kalama – The TorchNani – Splendor
Kaloni – Royal OneOliana – Evergreen
Kailana – Sea and SkyPualena – Lazy
Kaila – The Laurel Crown; StyleMiliani – It means “Gentle Caress”
Keilani – Heaven, SkyPuanani – Flower
Kamea – Precious OneOlina – It means “Joyous”
Haimi – SeekerLokelani – Heavenly rose
Alaula – Light of DawnLaki – Lucky
Ipo – LoverMana – Authority
Iokina – It means “God Will Develop”Malia – Calm or Gentle Waters
Aolani – Cloud from HeavenLanikai – Beach and its Soft Sands
Inoki – Born during Troubled TimesMalana – Calming, Relaxing
Iniki – Strong and Piercing WindMakani – Flatulent Wind
Akela – LuckyKiele – Fragrant Blossom
Kapua – The FlowerPoluna – It is the Name of a Flower
Halia – MemorialLolo – Atrange
Hula – Traditional Hawaiian DanceMahina – Moon
Ululani – Heavenly GroveUilani – Beauty
Ewalani – It means “Heavenly Woman” HawaiianLilo – Beautiful
Keala – PathPualani – Offspring
Kalani – The HeavensNoe – Misty rain
Alani – PreciousLaka – Gentle
Aliikai – It means “Queen of the Sea”Lalama – A taking Secretly
Alana – ChildLahela – Ewe
Iolana – Soar like an EagleMalina – Soothing
Alamea – PreciousKona – Popularity
Kalea – IllustriousNoelani – Geavenly Mist
Hanai – Adoption of One Person by AnotherLoni – Sky

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Popular and Best Hawaiian Names for Your Puppy

If you have ever visited Hawaii, I’m sure that you will never forget the experience you had there.

Who can forget such an experience with beaches, sunshine and sand?

So you can name your dog by giving a popular local dog name.


Even if you have not visited Hawaii yet, you would love these names.

So below is a list of best and popular Hawaiian dog names for your puppy.

  • Aloha – This usually means “Hello or Goodbye”; further, the word expresses the essence of being (love and peace as well)
  • Mahalo – It is the term used to “Thanks”; it also means the gratitude, admiration, praise.
  • Ilio – This means “Dog” in the Polynesian language
  • Mau Loa – It means “Endless, Eternal, Forever”
  • Keiki – This means “My Children”
  • Ohana – Family always and forever
  • Kahuna – It means a person who is respected and has moral authority
  • Kanaka – It means “Real Person.”
  • Kane – The name of a stone God
  • Wahine – The queen in a deck of cards
  • Paniolo – It has the meaning of “Cowboy”; a boy who handles cattle
  • Anuenue – This is a unisex Hawaiian name; it also has the definition of “Rainbow”
  • Honi – It is the Hawaiian word for a “Kiss”
  • Hoku – This means “Star”
  • Makana – Meaning “Reward”
  • Nohea – It means lovely or handsome
  • Pupule – It defines the craziness, madness
  • Wiwi – It means “Skinny”
  • Kono – Pine tree

Hawaiian Dog Names Based on Island, Cities, and Locations


We all know that Hawaii is a series of tropical Islands with lovely beaches.

Apart from beaches, the place is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and mountains too.

Further, each island in this tropico is famous for different reasons.

So below is a list of Hawaiian dog names inspired by famous Hawaiian islands, cities, and locations.

  • Kauai – This is an island in the central pacific ocean; further, it is a part of the Hawaiian Islands, and it has a nickname of “The Garden Isle”
  • Maui – This is also a part of the Hawaiian Islands; it has national parks and waterfalls as well.
  • Oahu – This is the most populated Island in Hawaii and also it is the capital of Hawaii.
  • Molokai –The island is located in the central Pacific Ocean; further, there are cliffs and hills on the island.
  • Honolulu – A city in Hawaii, it is famous for dining and shopping.
  • Lanai – A famous shipwreck beach is on this Island; it is known to watch sea turtles.
  • Hilo – Hawaiian people, call this as the “Big Island” because it is the largest Island in Hawaii
  • Pearl – This is where the world-famous Pearl Harbor is located.
  • Kailua – This is a city name in Hawaii, it is famous for seawater activities.
  • Nihoa – Another name for this island is “Birds Island”.
  • Na Mokulua – Two islets off the windward coast of Oahu.
  • Kona – This is a city on the Big Island, it is famous for exporting coffee.
  • Manele – It is probably the smallest city in Hawaii, moreover it only has a population of about 30 people.

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Hawaiian Dog Names Inspired by Hawaiian Foods


If you have visited Hawaii, I’m sure that you have enjoyed traditional Hawaiian foods.

They are so delicious and you may still remember their taste.

So, you can name your dog with the name of such delicious food names.

Therefore, we have given a list of Hawaiian dog Names inspired by their food culture.

  • Poi – This is a traditional Hawaiian dish; it is a kind of thick paste made from taro roots.
  • Laulau – This food made from the leaves of the taro tree; usually, this dish is prepared with pork.
  • Kalua pig – This also a pork dish; further, pork is roasted in making this food.
  • Lomi – The ingredient of this dish are raw salmons, chili, pepper, salt, onion, and tomatoes.
  • Saimin – This a favorite traditional dish of Hawaiian people; it is similar to some of the Japanese and Chinese foods.
  • Poke – This is a chunky food in Hawaii; moreover, this dish is a kind of fish salad.
  • Luau Stew – This dish is also made from the leaves of the taro tree; it uses other ingredients like onion, coconut, ginger and so on.
  • Mochi – This is a sweet dish in Hawaii; there is also a Japanese rice cake known as Mochi.

Cute Hawaiian Dog Names

If you have a cute dog breed, you would definitely interest in giving a cute hawaiian name for your puppy.


Below is a list of cute Hawaiian cute dog names.

Take your time to evaluate if you can imagine your dog associated to the following suggestions.

  • Paniolo — A person who takes care of a heard of cattle “cowboy”
  • Keiki — This means “my children”
  • Anuenue — This is a unisex Hawaiian name; it also has the meaning of “Rainbow”
  • Palila — This means “Bird” in the Hawaiian language
  • Honi — It is the Hawaiian word for a “Kiss”
  • Weuweu — This means Silly; it also has the meaning of “Fluffy”
  • Nohea — It means lovely or Handsome
  • Alamea — This has the meaning of “Precious”
  • Mahalo — It is the term used to “Thank”; it also means the gratitude, admiration, praise.
  • Aloani — “Beautiful Cloud”
  • Kaipo — This means a lover or the person you love, “Sweetheart”
  • Akela — Lucky
  • Kikokiko — This means “Speckles” 
  • Liko — Best Friend or the Buddy
  • Sula — Little she-bear
  • Kahili — Ginger
  • Lava — To burn
  • Diamond — A place in Hawaii
  • Isla — This means Island
  • Snorkel — An entertaining Hawaiian activity

Unique Hawaiian Dog Names


Hawaii has its own cultures and traditions.

So as their language.

Therefore, most of the words and phrases are unique to Hawaii, and you cannot find them elsewhere.

Further, you will always get the tropical feel when you name your dog with a Hawaiian name.

So, below is a list of unique Hawaiian dog names.

  • Akamai — Smart
  • Kahoni — The kiss
  • Kahiau — Selfless generosity
  • Ezra — Helper
  • Kahale — The house
  • Hilo — First night after the new moon
  • Mano — It has the meaning of “Passionate lover” and “Shark”
  • Edega — It means “Rich” or “Wealth.”
  • Akamu — The Earth
  • Hiwa — Beloved
  • Oahu — This is the most populated Island in Hawaii and also it is the capital of Hawaii.
  • Kapono — Righteous
  • Kimo — This has the meaning of “Jim,” “Jimmy,” and “James” in Hawaiian.
  • Nui — Many
  • Meka — This means “Eyes”
  • Kahula — This is a girly dog name, it has the meaning of “dancing”
  • Kauai — This is an Island that belongs to Hawaii
  • Malo — A person who wins
  • Pekelo — Rock
  • Lanai — Famous hawaiian beach

Fun and Cool Hawaiian Names for Your Dog



If you are planning to have a funny and cool dog, it is better that you start thinking of the name.

These names suit well a dog which is always active and running, playful and happy.

So, let’s see some of the funny and cool Hawaiian dog names in the below list.

  • Wiwi — It means “Skinny”
  • Kanuha — One who sulks
  • Pupule — It defines the crazy, madness
  • Waha Nui — Big mouth
  • Poluna — Joyous
  • Polupolu — Blue
  • Koki — It means “Snub-nosed” in Hawaiian
  • WeuWeu — This means Silly; it also has the meaning of “Fluffy”
  • Hae — Tease
  • Kolohe — Crook
  • Pilikea — Problem of any kind
  • Pualena — It means yellow or lazy
  • Leo Ole — Useless
  • Malana — Calming, relaxing
  • Ino’Ala — Pathway
  • Polo — Straight
  • Ho’omake’ aka — Comic and humor
  • Kali — This has the meaning of “Hesitation”.
  • Nohoa — A free man
  • Hoala — Thanks
  • Puaa — Pork

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Names from Hawaiian History and Religion

Hawaii has its own unique traditions and cultural values

Therefore, there are many ancient and historical stories regarding Hawaiian population.

Many ancient divinities and mythical animals have inspired the population imaginary.

Below is a list of Hawaiian dog names inspired by Hawaiian history and culture.

  • Haikili – This is a mythical Hawaiian god known a “God of Thunder”
  • Hina – She wa the wife of Akalana; this term has the meaning of the “goddess of the moon”
  • Kane – This is also another God in Hawaiian stories; further, it has the meaning of “beautiful”
  • Kapo – This is another mythical creature in Hawaiian history; it means the “goddess of fertility”
  • Kapu – It means “sacred “; further, this is known as “ancient Hawaiian laws” aswell
  • Ku – Another imaginary character in Hawaiian history known as “God of War”
  • Laka – This means “Gentle”; this was a character who was a Heroin old stories

Hawaiian Flowers, Birds and Animals as Dog Names

hawaiian-dog-names-flowers-birds-animalsMany are the flowers, the birds and in general the animals which characterise this little paradise.

A common characteristic is they variety of colors and their brightness.

A solar puppy would suit well the following dog hawaiian names inspired by flowers and jungle live beings.

  • Hibiscus – Full name is Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower; it comes in different colors and usually blooms every day.
  • Honu – Hawaiian Honu, it is a sea turtle; also, this is the only reptile that you can find in Hawaii Islands
  • Io – This is a Native Hawaiian species which lives only in the Hawaiian Islands
  • Kukui – This is a tree that grows in the Hawaiian Islands; it has many uses, such as medication
  • Naupaka – This is a Hawaiian Shrub; usually, this can be found near mountains
  • Nene – This is a variant of Goose; this bird usually lives in the Hawaiian Islands
  • Pikake – This is a common plant in the Hawaiian Islands; further, these plants are used to produce perfumes.

Final Words & Related Articles

Hawaiian Dog names are always cool to hear.

Whether you choose a name inspired by a geographical place, an ancient god or mythological creature, a food or typical beverage, your puppy name is gonna be awesome.

However, when you are choosing Hawaiian pet names, make sure that you can easily pronounce the name you want for your puppy.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

So what is your favorite Hawaiian name?

Have u picked a name from our list?

Let us know in the comments section 🙂


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