Cool Dog Names: 350+ Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


If you are looking for cool dog names for your newly adopted puppy, you are in the right place.

We know that it is an exciting moment when you have got a new baby dog for your family.

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Further, you might be thinking about the time that you would spend with your dog in future.

So it is no wonder that everyone who got a new pet, wants to give a cool dog name.

In below article, we have listed about 350+ Cool Dog Names for your Male and Female puppies under different themes.

Top Cool Dog Names in 2022

Below is a list of cool dog names with meanings that are most popular in 2022.

  • Boomer – Large
  • Hux – hook
  • Ace – unity
  • Dre – warrior
  • Indie – Independent
  • Harley – wood
  • Dash – from the Ash
  • Denver – green valley
  • Hendrix – ruler of the home
  • Harper – Harp Player
  • Duke – the leader
  • Kai – warrior
  • Skye – cloud
  • Jazz – Style
  • Rebel – Defiant Person
  • Zelda – blessed
  • Riley – Courageous
  • Oakley – Oak Tree Field
  • Pixel – Small Area of Illumination
  • Sage – herb
  • Ryder – Knight
  • Remy – oarsman

How to select Best Cool Dog Names?

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When you are selecting names for your dog, you might have to consider various factors.

For example,

  • The breed type of your dog
  • Personality and character of you and your dog
  • Your personal preferences and lifestyle such as hobbies, neighbourhood, geographical location, favourite movies personalities and so on.

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It is important because you will use that name to call your dog for many years.

So, when you are choosing cool dog names, it is better to consider all the factors above and pick a name that you are comfortable at pronouncing it.

Cool Dog Names from your Hobbies

We all have at least one hobby in our life.

Hobbies could be anything that you would love to do in your life to enjoy yourself.

Some of the favourite hobbies of many people are listening to music, watching movies/ tv shows, reading books, travelling, tasting delicious foods, playing video games and many more.

So below are some of the cool dog names inspired by various types of hobbies.

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Dog Names Inspired by Music

Cool Music Inspired Dog Names

The taste of music varies from one person to another.

Therefore, the music genre that I like may not be your preferred type.

So, by selecting dog names according to your music preference will allow you to pick unique cool dog names that match with your music taste.

Below is a list of dog names that are inspired by various music personalities, bands and so on.

  • Beatles – One of the famous music band all around the world during 1957 – 1970
  • Eminem – One of the top-rated Rapper
  • Slash – Member of the Guns N’ Roses music band
  • Angus – He was the Lead Guitarist in the AC/DC Music band
  • Glenn – He was a songwriter and co-lead singer of the Eagles
  • Timothy – One of the main vocalists of the Eagles music band
  • Elvis – He was known as the king of Rock and Rolls music
  • Elton – He was the best-selling music artist in that era
  • Jimi Hendrix – American Rock guitarist. He was also one of the most celebrated Guitar artists.
  • Rock – A famous music variety
  • Bob – Bob Marley was one of the renowned Reggae musicians
  • Michael Jackson – He was known as the Pop king
  • Madonna – She was considered to be the Queen of pop
  • Bowie – He was one of the most influential musicians in the 20th century
  • Ringo – One of the most famous Beatles music band members
  • Pop – Popular music category

Foods and Beverages based Cool Puppy Names

We all love to try different types of foods and taste their deliciousness.

So, you can come up with many names of your favourite foods for your puppy.

Below is a list of cool dog names inspired by famous foods and beverages

  • Orio – A sandwich cookie that has two waffles
  • Popchips – this is a healthy snack bar
  • Donettes – A soft cookie usually covered with chocolate
  • Pez – one of the major Candy company in the world
  • Twizzlers – A Candy product from Y&S Candies company
  • Mounds – Made from sweet coconut and dark chocolate
  • Triscuit – wafers type snack cracker
  • Whoppers – It is a chocolate-covered malted milk ball
  • Runts – this is a crunchy type hard candy
  • Gushers – it is a fruit-based candy with various types of flavours
  • Rolos – Chocolate candy filled with caramel

Video Game & Tech Inspired Cool Dog Names

Video Game & Tech Inspired Cool Dog Names

If you are from the new generation, you would obviously love to play video games and interested in technology-related stuff.

Below is a list of cool names based on Video games and technology

  • PUBG – This one of the most played mobile video games known as “Player Unknown Battle Ground.”
  • GTA – The full name of this video game is “Grand Theft Auto.”
  • Apex – Apex Legend was also a famous video game in 2019 -2020
  • Mortal Kombat – A famous dual player fighting game
  • Web – this is a shorter version of the Name Website
  • PC – Long meaning of this word in terms of tech is usually is Personal Computer
  • Linux – one of the prime open-source operating system
  • Android – most used operating system in smart phones.
  • Mouse – part of the P.C. controller along with the keyboard
  • Java – it is a primary programing language
  • Xbox – Popular video game console. It makes a unique name for your puppy.
  • Pen – another name for portable flash drive
  • USB – A data transformation technology
  • LAP – the short name for the “Laptop”
  • App – This also a short version of the name “Application”
  • XP – It is one of the older versions of Microsoft operating system

Sports & Hunting Dog Names

Many people love to play sports. Even if you do not play sports, I’m sure that you would love to watch popular sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Hunting, Tennis and so on.

So you can pick some cool names from your favourite sports

Below is a list of super cool dog names inspired by world-famous sports

  • Bradman – A great cricketer from Australia with many records
  • Mike Tyson – He was an American Boxing player
  • Michael Jordan – American Basketball player
  • Schumacher – He was a popular formula1 racing driver from Germany
  • Federer – Roger Federer is one of the most award-winning tennis players from Switzerland
  • Novak – Novak Djokovic is a Serbian tennis player and also, he is the no. One tennis player at the moment.
  • Messi – Lionel Messi is an Argentinian football player
  • Neymar – Neymar J.R. is one of the youngest football players from Brazil
  • MCG – Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Ronaldo – Cristiano Ronaldo is a Real Madrid Football player
  • Tiger Woods – He was the no one Golf player in the USA

Dog Names Inspired by Cool locations, Cities and Geography

Locations and Geography Inspired Names

If you are a traveller or if you plan to travel in future, you would definitely have specific locations and destinations in your mind.

So, you can name your dog with the names of your favourite travel locations.

Below is a list of cool dog names inspired by famous cities, locations, landmarks and geography in the world.

  • London – This is the Capital city in England
  • Kairo – A city in Egypt. Further, Kairo is famous for ancient Egyptian pyramids
  • Milan – Famous tourist attractive city in Italy
  • Paris – Another name for this city is “city of light.”
  • Rio – One of the most beautiful cities in Brazil and it also has beautiful beaches
  • Sydney – This city has an iconic symbol of the Sydney opera house
  • Barcelona – A city famous for football
  • Grand Canyon – Natural formation of red rocks
  • Santorini – Famous Tourists attractive beach city in Greece
  • Colosseum – It is an Ancient roman creature
  • Fuji – Mount Fuiji is most beautiful mountains series in Japan
  • Petra – One of the famous archaeological sites which date back to 300 B.C.
  • Liberty – It is a statute and an iconic landmark in the New York city

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Names from Movies, TV Shows and Books

In modern days everyone is watching movies and tv shows at their home.

Further, there is no age limit to watch movies and entertain yourself.

So, you can name your dog with the names of your favourite movies and tv shows.

Below is a list of really cool dog names from famous movies, tv shows and books.

  • Palermo – A famous character in money heist tv series
  • Raquel – Another main actress in the money heist tv series
  • Saul – Saul Goodman in the main character in Better Call Saul tv series
  • Jessy – Jessy Pinkman is one of the main actresses in Breaking Bad tv series
  • Walter – Walter White is the main character in Breaking Bad
  • Shelby – Thomas, John and Arthur are brothers in the Shelby family in Peaky Blinders tv show
  • Thor – one of the main characters in Avengers movies
  • Arya – Another famous icon in the Game of Thrones tv series
  • Bond – James bond series
  • Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean movies
  • Batman – The Dark night movie
  • Joker – The Joker movie
  • Vito – The Godfather movie
  • Gollum – Lord of the ring movie
  • Woody – Sheriff Woody in the Toy story movie
  • Terminator – Another action movie
  • Hermione – Harry Potter movie series

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Cool Male Dog Names with Meanings

Below names are more suitable for your male puppies.

  • Raven – thieving person
  • Tanner – leather maker
  • Pistol – Fire Arm
  • Rex – King. It is a good name for a Husky.
  • King – Leader
  • Othello – he has the sound of God
  • Timber – Wood, Strong
  • Jet – Black gemstone
  • Rebel – Defiant Person
  • Kal – Strong
  • Neo – gift
  • Rusty – Red Headed. This is a common dog name in UK.
  • Maverick – Wildly Independent
  • Marley – pleasant wood
  • Tux
  • Montana – Mountain
  • Midnight – Neutral
  • Riggs – ridge
  • Storm – tempest
  • Kendrick – family ruler
  • Leo – lion. This name is a suitable name for a German Shepherd.
  • Jazz – Style of Music
  • Mercury – Messenger of the gods
  • Mac – Son
  • Tex – Texas state
  • Loki – Trickster God
  • Lex – man’s defender or warrior
  • Justice – Doing Right by The Law
  • Shadow – Shade from Sun
  • Ryder – Knight. It is a cool name for a Pitbull.
  • Jax – Son of Jack
  • Tyson – Firebrand
  • Smokey – The soul of the fire
  • Thunder – Stormy tempered
  • Ranger – Forest Protector
  • Odin – Frenzy
  • Cypher – Gifts from God
  • Gunner – Warrior
  • Connor – Lover of Wolves
  • Domino – lord
  • Axel – my father is peace
  • Comet – icy object
  • Wizard – Gift of God
  • Apache – enemy
  • Dexter – Dyer of Clothes
  • Archer – Bowman
  • Cisco – Cisco
  • Duke – leader
  • Caesar – Thick Head of Hair
  • Bowie – yellow
  • Wrigley – to strive
  • Chase – Hunter. It is a suitable name for a hunting dog.
  • Chance – good fortune
  • Dre – warrior
  • Garcia – bear. It a cool name for a Bulldog.
  • Atlas – Support
  • Bandit – Thief
  • Ajax – Eagle
  • Captain – who is in charge
  • Bolt – arrow
  • Hendrix – ruler of the home
  • Blaze – Flame
  • Bane – Cause of Distress
  • Apollo – Destroyer
  • Finn – fair
  • Escobar – place overgrown with broom
  • Ace – unity
  • Zeke – God Will Strengthen
  • Gambit – gain an advantage
  • Jasper – Treasurer
  • Cooper – Barrel Maker
  • Cobra – a snake with a hood
  • Zeus – God

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Cool Female Dog Names with Meanings

Below cool girl dog names that are more suitable for your female dogs

If you have a girl puppy, you can pick a name from the below list

  • Smokey – The soul of the fire
  • Sunset – Dusk
  • Storm – tempest
  • Ripley – From Hrypa’s meadow
  • Pepper – Hot Spice
  • Rogue – Savage
  • Rigby – Lives in the ruler
  • Phoenix – Blood Red
  • Misty – Covered with Mist
  • Mystery – Unexplained
  • Rebel – Defiant Person
  • Raven – thieving person
  • Sable – black. It is matching name for a Black Color dog
  • Sandy – Defender of men
  • Sky – scholar
  • Starbuck – From the River
  • Trix – brings joy
  • Piper – Flute Player
  • Mystique – Air of mystery
  • Oracle – Prophecy
  • Natalia – Christmas Day
  • Shadow – Shade from Sun
  • Shiva – Kind
  • Pearl – Smooth
  • Wrigley – wood
  • Scarlett – Red
  • River – Stream of Water
  • Ninja – conceal
  • Sage – herb
  • Milan – kind
  • Spice
  • Nyx – God of the night
  • Merlot – dark blue-coloured wine grape
  • Nessie – pure
  • Portia – An offering
  • Jude – praised
  • Memphis – Established
  • Zelda – blessed
  • Loki – Trickster God
  • Foxy – Love, sweetness
  • Dash – From the Ash
  • Harley – clearing
  • Espresso – the Italian name for the coffee
  • Dixie – From the South
  • Ash – Happy
  • Aspen – Quaking Tree
  • Elektra – shining
  • Echo – Reverberating Sound
  • Hera – Protectress
  • India – A country
  • Joplin – the afflicted
  • Leia – mistress
  • Venus – Desire
  • Dotty – Gift of God
  • Athena – Goddess of Wisdom
  • Cersei – Queen of magic
  • Blondie – a person with blond hair
  • Jazzy – Modern
  • Jinx – Spell
  • Cleo – pride
  • Vixen – hot-headed
  • Jag – Universe
  • Frida – peace
  • Cali – most beautiful
  • Honey – Sweet as Honey
  • Angel – Messenger of God
  • Koda – last born mothers pet
  • Camilla – Beauty
  • Akira – the sun
  • Britt – high goddess
  • Dove – Bird of Peace

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Unique Cool Dog Names

  • Jazzy
  • Camilla
  • Dotty
  • Leia
  • Elektra

Superhero Dog Names

  • Zeke
  • Nyx
  • Zeus
  • Sandy
  • Frida

Stylish Dog Names

  • Apollo
  • Cersei
  • Duke
  • Kai
  • Ringo

Final Words

As we mentioned above, it is always better to select dog names that are easy to pronounce.

Moreover, You can explore country-specific cool dog names such as Russian, German, Irish in below articles.

So what are your favourite dog names?

Let us know in the comments section


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