Dog Puns: 150+ Pawsome Pet Pun Ideas for Dog Lovers (UPDATED 2022)


If you are looking for awesome dog puns and related jokes, you are in the right place.

Many people say that dog is the best friend of humans. For me, that statement is 100% right.

dog puns

Because your dog will be with you all the time, it does not matter whether you are happy or sad; he will always with you whatever the situation you are going through.

So, when your dog barks with love and laughter, all your sadness will go away.

As a result of human are very close to dogs, there are many slangs, words, jokes, and puns are in use to express the relationship with your puppy.

It does not matter whether your dog is a small puppy or a big dog; that relationship will always be there.

In the below article, we have listed 150+ dog puns under various themes such as funny puns, clever dog puns, dogs related common joke facts, and so on.

Funny Dog Puns to Make You Laugh

Below is a list of funny dog puns that are most popular among many dog lovers.

  • After long time. Howl you doin
  • Get ready with your costumes. Happy Howl-o-ween
  • We have been together for a long time. Howl I ever live without you?
  • It’s a fun time. Happy Howlidays
  • It is a Happy time. Feliz Navi-dog
  • I forgot to do that. Dog-gone it
  • I’m a dog-tor. I can prescribe medicine for you

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Paw-fect Dog Puns

Paw-fect Dog Puns

Below is a list of dog puns that are in use along with the everyday language.

  • Some re-pug-nant people hate dogs
  • I’m busy. Collie later
  • That’s Fine. Just get shih-faced
  • That has already happened. So, you better pug-get it
  • I got my dog from south Collie-fornia
  • I don’t want to go there. It was a shih tzu
  • He is puggin love him
  • That puppy is terrible because he is a mellon Collie
  • Don’t collie me
  • Nobody can catch me because I’m in-corg-nito
  • He is a bad dog because he is like a terrier-ist
  • That dog is scary because his size is so mastiff
  • You have done it well. Corgeous!
  • I don’t like him. He is pit
  • He proved that he has the corg-key to her soul
  • I live in Collie-fornia. This dog pun has different meanings, right?
  • He is a piece of pit. It looks tike a bad pet pun.
  • I don’t like you. You are a mother pupper. it is a bad dog joke isn’t it?
  • Please stop hounding people
  • My dog is the most pup-ular member in our neighborhood
  • My dog is like snow. So, we have given him a nickname as pup-sicile
  • That sound is like a Dachshund
  • In the old days, journalists were called pup-arazzi
  • Unlike other dogs, my dog’s favorite is pup-corn while watching movies
  • He behaves like a mal-tease
  • My friend is not chubby. He just looks like a Husky
  • When you’re on trouble, it is always better you Whippet
  • The woof is too noisy
  • He doesn’t feel well. He is going through a rough pooch
  • Pup-eroni pizza is the favorite food of my dog
  • That dog looks like a gangster because he lives a pug life
  • you have to keep retrieving. this dog pun is related to Golden retriever.
  • We had a great cup of greyhound tea this morning
  • Please don’t pit here

Clever Dog Puns You’ll Ruff

clever puns

Below is a list of facts and words which has different types of clever meanings.

Further, it also includes nice jokes expressing different possible meanings.

  • I’m tired. I had a ruff day
  • He didn’t see your dog. I think he was in the bark side
  • That was the ulti-mutt fun
  • I do not like Advertisement inter-ruff-tion during the movie
  • Do you remember what day today is? It is our Anni-fur-sary. it makes a nice birthday dog pun
  • Be-leash me. it seems like a thank you pun
  • That surface is a little more ruff than the other one
  • You are Barking pup the wrong tree
  • It is scary because it is so bark. it is a hot dog pun
  • He was the rufferee of the match
  • My dog mutt-ers a lot to me
  • It was a fur-tunate that o got this land
  • He is fur-bulous. This one is so sweet compared to other dog puns on the list.
  • He loves her because she is his best fur-end
  • I want to be with him fur-ever
  • I will never fur-give you
  • At leash you should have done it
  • I think I have seen him. He is so fur-miliar to me
  • Trans-fur-mers is one of the best movies
  • I bought a toy fur my dog
  • Today is awesome. I will never fur-get it
  • He is cheating. He does not love her fur real

Paws-Itively Awesome Dog Puns

When you go through the below list of dog puns, you will realize that they have more meanings than you think.

  • It is always better to be paws-itive
  • He is very humble and paw-lite
  • I don’t mind. I Paw-don him
  • That’s nice because it is an paw-ling argument
  • He is a paw-ssionate animal lover
  • That dog is very paw-er– full
  • Oh you paw thing. it makes a cool pug pun
  • Paws the movie for a minute. I have to go to the washroom
  • He ap-paws because he is happy
  • He did not come to the paw-ty
  • You have the op-paw-tunity to take care of your dog now
  • paw-lease. Don’t leave me

Dog Pun Names

Dog Pun Names

If you are a dog owner with a serious interest in dog puns, you can use them to name your dog.

So that, every time you can call your dog with your favorite pun, and you will also feel happy when you recall them every day.

Further, it will be fun when others hear you are yelling at your dog with a dog pun because it could have many possible meanings.

So below, dog name puns are inspired by different themes such as movies, tv shows, singers, songs, actors, sports, etc.

  • Luke Skybarker – Popular character in Star Wars
  • Post Mabone – American singer-songwriter
  • Will Sniff – One of the most powerful actors in Hollywood
  • Winston Furchill – Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • Muttley Crew – Mötley Crüe is an American heavy metal band
  • Paw-Stewart – British rock singer
  • Karl Barx – German philosopher
  • Jude Paw – Multiple awards winning English Actor
  • William Shakes-paw – English playwright
  • Obi Wag Kenobi – Another famous Star Wars character
  • Mary Puppins – American musical fantasy film
  • Labra-thor – Labrador is a popular dog breed
  • Snarls Barkley – Musical group
  • Sherlock Bones – Fictional Private detective
  • Pug-in Spice Latte – Pumpkin Spice Latte is a coffee drink
  • Jurassic Bark – Famous Dinosaurs movies series
  • L.L. Drool J – American Rapper
  • Spaniel Craig – Main actor of the James bond series. This is an excellent dog pun name for a Spaniel breed.
  • Winnie the Pooch – Children movie series
  • Meghan Barkle – Duchess of Sussex
  • Ryan Fleacrest – American radio personality
  • Virginia Woof – English writer, in 20th century
  • Ron Furgandy – American comedy films series
  • The Great Houndini – American magician
  • Muzz-arrt – Prolific and influential composer
  • Jon Bone Jove – American singer-songwriter
  • Ron Fleasly – Harry Potter character
  • Kim Kardachshund – Popular model and American media personality
  • Sinead O’Collar – Irish singer-songwriter
  • Sarah Jessica Barker – known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw
  • Bark Wahlberg – Famous American actor
  • Colin Howl – Famous comedy actor
  • Jabba the Mutt – A song by Schmoyoho for PewDiePie
  • Zero Bark Thirty – A movie of a group of CIA operatives
  • Bone Crawford – Joan Crawford was an American film and tv personality
  • Clint Eastwoof – Famous character in Western TV series Rawhide
  • Bark Griswold – Instagram famous puppy. it is a awesome dog name that has derived from our dog puns
  • Andy Warhowl – He was an American artist and a film director
  • James Earl Bones – One of the famous American actors who has the longest career
  • Brad Pitbull – Brad Pitt is an award-winning American Actor
  • Barkbra Streisand – she was an American singer and filmmaker
  • Bark Twain – He was an American writer, and he was known for his pen name Mark Twain
  • Fleas Witherspoon – She is a recipient of various accolades including Academy award
  • Fleaba McEntyre – English comedian. it is an matching puppy pun name for a cool dog.
  • Corg Clooney – He has won three Golden Globe Awards.
  • Angela Basset –  American actress, director, producer
  • Bark Ruffalo – American actor in the early 1990s
  • Hairy Paw-ter – Its famous storybook of J.K Rowling
  • JK Growling – She was the author of the Harry Potter story series
  • Billie Eileash – She was an American singer and songwriter
  • Droolius Caesar – Former Roman consul
  • Jake Gyllenpaw – Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal is a famous American Actor
  • Dog Johnson – British artist. This dog pun could be complicated for someone to see as a dog pun.
  • Howlsey – Ashley Nicolette Frangipane is a famous American singer
  • James Bone – James bond movies series was one of the most popular ones for years
  • 50 Scent – Famous hip hop music team
  • Diggy Azalea – Australian rapper and a singer
  • Bark Obama – Former President of the United States
  • Dwight D. EisenHowler – He was the 34th U.S. President of USA
  • Drooly Andrews – She is an English actress, singer, and author

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Final Words

Above mentioned dog puns could have some other meanings as well other than the meanings that we have mentioned.

So, what are your favorite dog puns

Let us know in the comments section!


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