Badass Dog Names: 200+ Tough Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


Badass dog names look tough, and many dog owners prefer to give such a name for strong and powerful dogs.

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For example, if you are an owner of dog breeds like Pitbull, Bulldog, Rottweiler, Chihuahua, German Shepherd, and so on, you have a great chance of selecting a matching tough dog name for your puppy.

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So, in this article, we have listed down 200+ Badass Dog names for your male and female puppies under different themes.

Male Badass Dog Names with Meanings

Below is a list of Badass dog names that are more suitable for boy dogs.

So, you can go through the list and pick names for any type of male dog breed types

  • Ajax – Eagle
  • Ares – The Greek god of war. This name sounds like a mighty name
  • Axel – my father is peace
  • Beast – power by the dragon
  • Blaze – Flame
  • Bolt – derived from the word “thunderbolt.” A cool name. It also has a feeling of speed.
  • Boss – Leader
  • Bullet – Ammo used in firearms. This is certainly looking like a Badass name.
  • Danger – Something not good
  • Diesel – Diminutive Form of Matthias. This is another good name if you are looking for badass dog names
  • Gunner – Warrior. It is a matching name for a violent badass dog.
  • Hercules – the glory of Hera. Another powerful, tough dog name.
  • Hulk – an enormous person. This name
  • King – ruler
  • Nitro – Person who lives
  • Rambo – raven’s nest
  • Rocky – Rocky
  • Rogue – Rogue. Out of all the Badass dog names, this name has a unique sound
  • Spike – Heavy Nail
  • Tank – a man who is big and strong
  • Titan – powerful big man. Another baddie names
  • Thor – Norse god of thunder. Another tough name for your badass pup
  • Viper – Gift of God. Another strong-looking name
  • Ozzie – God’s power
  • Lex – Lex. This name has both the toughness and cuteness
  • Dozer – Large, powerful tractor
  • Rhino – horned nose. If you are a Pitbull owner, this name is an excellent addition to your badass Pitbull names list
  • Turbo – a whorl or spinning object
  • Duke – the leader. Out of other badass dog names, this name has the feeling of greatness.
  • Razor – king
  • Hitman – A professional killer. Another famous tough name.
  • Compton – settlement
  • Floyd – gray-haired
  • Doyle – a descendant of Dubhghall
  • Murph – sea warrior. It is a cool name
  • Zeus – Supreme God of the Olympians
  • Tex – Derived from the U.S. state of Texas

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Female Badass Dog Names with Meanings

Female Badass Dog Names

Some dog owners believe that girl dog names always have to be cute and smooth.

However, if your female dog is looking like powerful and strong, you can choose a name that shows off her strength.

So below is a list of female badass dog names for your puppies

  • Arya – a noble one. She was a badass character Game of thrones tv series
  • Athena – Goddess of Wisdom. It sounds a Strong name
  • Attila – father
  • Diva – Celebrated Singer
  • Elektra – shining. Another name that sounds badass
  • Gamora – Rebellious people
  • Hera – Protectress
  • Huntress – to hunt. Strong and powerful looking name. Also, it is a matching name for a badass hunting dog.
  • Leia – lioness. Another tough looking female dog name
  • Medusa – gorgeous woman
  • Mystique – Air of mystery
  • Sable – black
  • Sassy – Spirited
  • Sheba – Kingdom in Arabia. Another baddie names
  • Trinity – triad
  • Ursula – Ursula. This is another unique name in this female badass dog names list
  • Vixen – the woman with a temper
  • Xena – Warrior Princess
  • Astra – From the Stars. A gorgeous name for a girl dog
  • Avril – The Month of April
  • Angelina – Angelina
  • Brooklyn – one who lives near a brook
  • Diamond – high value. Another commonly used, tough girl dog name.
  • Duchess – Duchess. This is a great looking badass dog name
  • Echo – Reverberating Sound
  • Frida – peace.
  • Jade – precious greenstone
  • Lola – sorrows
  • Mercy – Compassion
  • Queenie – woman. Another powerful-looking name
  • Steffi – Crowned
  • Alaska – this country name sounds badass, isn’t it?

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Other Unisex Tough Dog Names

Below are some of the commonly used badass dog names for boy and girl dogs

  • Admiral – A high rank in the navy
  • Angus – one
  • Archer – Bowman. If you want your dog to be your bodyguard, this is a proper name for your badass guard dog names list.
  • Axel – my father is peace
  • Bear – Strong
  • Brick – a good guy
  • Buck – Deer. Another common badass looking name.
  • Caesar – Thick Head of Hair
  • Captain – He who is in charge
  • Champ – open land. A matching name for a badass puppy.
  • Charger – Charger. This is one of the top names in any list of badass dog names
  • Chino – chinese
  • Cobra – a snake with a hood
  • Colt – Young Horse. This is a nice addition to your badass husky names list.
  • Dane – God Is My Judge
  • Diesel – Diminutive Form of Matthias
  • Dozer – Large, powerful tractor
  • Duke – the leader
  • Dutch – From the Netherlands
  • Dredd – Man of the truth. This is a unique name out of other badass dog names, and it is suitable for a silent puppy.
  • Ghost – Gift of God
  • Hannibal – Baal is Gracious
  • Hawk – bird of prey
  • Jax – Son of Jack
  • Jedi – Beloved by God
  • Jett – Jet Black. It is a suitable name for a badass black dog.
  • Kitana – the name of a character in Mortal Kombat
  • Knox – a round-topped hill
  • Lex – man’s defender
  • Mack – greatest
  • Major – Greater. Another army related strong dog name.
  • Marshal – Steward
  • Mauser – mouse-catcher
  • Max – the greatest. This is a commonly used cool male dog name
  • Odin – Inspiration
  • Ozzie – God’s power. It is a good name for a dominant dog
  • Porter – gatekeeper
  • Ranger – Forest Protector
  • Rex – King. If you are looking for gangster dog names, this might be a better choice.
  • Rogue – Dishonest
  • Roxie – Dawn. This is an awesome badass name for a Doberman breed.
  • Ryder – Mounted Warrior
  • Spike – Heavy Nail
  • Tonka – highly praiseworthy
  • Trigger – firing mechanism on a gun
  • Trixie – Bringer of Joy
  • Venom – deadly substance. This name is suitable for a tough-looking dog.
  • Zander – Defender of The People
  • Zelda – dark battle

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Badass Dog Names Inspired by Fighters

dog names inspired by fighter names

There is a trend in giving the name of a famous fighter to the dogs.

So some dog owners select the names of the players like wrestlers, boxers, MMA, and so on.

Below is a list of badass dog names inspired by professional fighting players

  • Ali – American professional boxer
  • Brock – Professional wrestler from America
  • Dempsey – Another badass Boxing champion from the United States
  • Diamond – MMA fighter from America
  • Evander – Famous Boxing and heavyweight player in the United States
  • Faber – American mixed martial artist
  • Fedor – Russian mixed martial artist
  • Flair – She is an American professional wrestler
  • Floyd – former unbeatable professional boxer
  • Giant – Brazilian basketball player
  • Gracie – Brazilian mixed martial artist
  • Hogan – He was a famous American wrestler. Good name for a badass dog
  • Jackson – Another champion American mixed martial artist
  • Jericho – Rising MMA player
  • Liddel – former UFC fighter
  • Machida – Brazilian professional mixed martial artist
  • Hardy – Jeff hardy and Matt hardy are professional wrestling players
  • Lee – Bruce lee was a top-notch kung fu master
  • Randy – Another title-winning wrestling player
  • Conor McGregor – UFC champion
  • Micky – American-Irish professional boxer
  • McMahon – Former wrestler
  • Rampage – Another US MMA player. This is a worthy addition for your badass dog names list
  • Rock – He was a former wrestling player
  • Rousey – She is an American professional wrestler
  • Rowdy – Another female American retired professional wrestler
  • Sonny – Former American professional boxer
  • Tito – former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
  • Tyson – Former world heavyweight champion. Good name for a tough dog

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Nasty Dog Names Inspired by Famous Criminals

We all know Chicago was famous for criminal activities in the past.

So, many criminal and mafia gangs were in operation.

Below are some of the badass dog names inspired by the names of famous criminal profiles

  • Bonnie – Bonnie & Clyde were husband and wife known for Bank robberies
  • Clyde – Clyde is the husband
  • Bugsy – infamous and feared gangsters in early 1900s in the United States
  • Butch – Butch Cassidy was a famous criminal leader and who headed the “Wild Bunch” gang
  • CaponeAl Capone had a nickname of “Scarface.” He was also the boss of the Chicago Outfit.
  • Colombo – Joe Colombo was a member of one of the most dangerous mafia family in the United States
  • Dillinger – John Dillinger handled a criminal gang known as “Dillinger Gang” or the “Terror Gang.” Further, they are known for robbing more than 25 banks
  • Escobar – Pablo Escobar, was known as the Colombian drug lord
  • Gambino – Carlo Gambino was American-Italian crime boss
  • Gotti – John Gotti was another famous gangster in America
  • Hickok – He was a lawman and known as a frontier as a soldier
  • Jesse James – Leader of James–Younger Gang. Further, he was famous for bank and train robberies
  • Lansky – Meyer Lansky one of the well-organized American criminals and also known as “Mob’s Accountant.”
  • Pancho – Pancho Villa was an army commander in Mexico
  • Vito – Vito Genovese was an Italian born Mafia profile
  • Wyatt – Wyatt Earp was a famous gunfighter.

Final Words

When you are selecting badass dog names for your puppies, it is always better to choose names that you can easily pronounce.

Moreover, You can explore country-specific Badass dog names such as Russian, German, Irish in below articles.

So what are your favorite badass dog names?

Let us know in the comments section


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