Russian Dog Names: 350+ Incredible Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


Russian Dog Names are unique and native to previous soviet Russian countries like Russian Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Belorussia, and so on.

Usually, we have seen that many of the Russian names are in short form. For example, “Vlad.”

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So, if you are a person from Russia or If you have Russian Dog breeds such as Husly, Russkiy toy, Borzoi, Russian Ovcharka, and so on, you may like to name your puppies with names that show off their heritage.

However, you can give a cool Russian name for any other dog breed types as well.

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So, we have listed down 350+ Incredible Russian dog names under different themes in the below article.

Russian Dog Names Inspired by Russian Words

Below are some of the popular Russian pet names derived from famous Russian words, sayings, and phrases.

Also these name are very common Russian names for any type of pet.

  • Sputnik – traveling companion
  • Schenok – It means “Pet” in the Russian language
  • Sobaka – It means “Dog” in the Russian language
  • Cosmonaut – It the Russian word to call “Astronaunt”
  • Ruble – Primary functional currency in Russia
  • Mechta – Imaging while sleeping
  • Sakharok – It means that someone you love and close to you “my sugar”
  • Kukla – It means “doll”
  • Kobel – the eastern German name for someone from Silesia
  • Luchik – The meaning of this word is that a “line of light.”
  • Molodaya Zenchina – It means “woman at an early age.”
  • Malchik – black mongrel stray dog living in Moscow

Male Russian Dog Names and Meanings

Male Russian Dog Names

If you have a boy dog, below Russian dog names may suitable for your puppy.

  • Pusik – respect
  • Pavel – Small
  • Vulkan – God of fire and metalworking
  • Vladislav – the possessor of the glory
  • Zhenya – Well Born
  • Vadim – blame
  • Vlad – rule
  • Mikhail – Characteristics of a God
  • Lizun – defender
  • Tuzik – boats
  • Oleg – Holy
  • Mansur – Victory
  • Maxim – the greatest
  • Yaroslav – glory
  • Timur – iron
  • Zahar – Remembrance of God
  • Misha – little bear
  • Sergei – Servant
  • Sasha – Defender of man
  • Pasha – Small
  • Sultan – strength
  • Ruslan – lion
  • Valentin – strong. This make a good Russian name for a strong dog.
  • Lev – it means “Lion or Heart.”
  • Monya – Wish desire
  • Zver – wild animal
  • Roma – Romany
  • Sergey – Protector
  • Tsar – Nuclear weapon
  • Nikita – victor
  • Slava – glory
  • Nikolai – the victory of the people
  • Sharik – Heart of a Dog
  • Roman – A Roman
  • Vladimir – great power
  • Bolik – big
  • Bogdan – gift
  • Konstantin – constant
  • Kolya – Victorious Warrior
  • Kubik – Sweet pepper
  • Igor – Warrior of peace
  • Ivan – God is gracious
  • Andrei – Manly
  • Alexandr – Helper of man
  • Han – beautiful
  • Baron – captain
  • Alexey – Defender
  • Anatoly – ‎Sunrise
  • Kosmos – cosmos
  • Gleb – heir of God
  • Kostya – Constant
  • Andrey – Brave
  • Daniil – a version of Daniel
  • Buka – racket
  • Bimka – young
  • Fedor – God’s gift
  • Boris – the great borough of Ossory
  • Ilya – Strength of God
  • Aleksei – Defender of Men
  • Anton – priceless. This makes a good name for a Russian Husky.
  • Bolshoi – large
  • Dima – Devotee of Demeter
  • Grom – lightning
  • Artem – the name of the Greek for moon and hunting
  • Egor – bow army
  • Artyom – A Greek god
  • Dmitry – Earth-lover
  • Bonya – flood
  • Kirill – Master

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Female Russian Dog Names and Meanings

Like many other countries, Russians also use human names to name their puppies.

So if you have a girl dog below, Russian dog names might suitable for your puppy.

  • Yulia – Downy
  • Gretta – pearl
  • Katya – Pure
  • Chaika – it means “seagull”
  • Irina – Peace
  • Alina – Beautiful
  • Lapa – gobble
  • Darya – wealthy
  • Inna – strong water
  • Ksenia – Hospitable
  • Galina – Serenity
  • Kira – multiple
  • Margarita – Pearl
  • Helena – bright
  • Alexandra – little Sasha
  • Mariya – Bitter
  • Changa – useless
  • Kseniya – hospitality
  • Lena – temptress
  • Anastasiya – Resurrection
  • Daria – sea
  • Katerina – pure
  • Anna – God was gracious
  • Bagira – etymology
  • Dasha – God’s gift
  • Ekaterina – Pure
  • Bella – beautiful
  • Anya – Gracious
  • Karina – Pure
  • Laska – flatter
  • Elena – Shining light
  • Laika – the barker
  • Sasha – Defender of man
  • Tigra – It means “tiger”
  • Natasha – Born on Christmas Day
  • Sveta – pure
  • Masya – hundred
  • Valeria – Strength
  • Polya – derivative from the Greek
  • Sonya – Wisdom
  • Tusya – Beyond expectation
  • Pyshka – a variety of doughnut
  • Troika – wagon
  • Vlada – rule. This a good Russian name for a badass dog.
  • Siren – cartoon character
  • Masha – naughty
  • Volya – it means “freedom”
  • Nochka – dark
  • Ulyana – Youthful
  • Viktoriya – victory
  • Mila – gracious
  • Oksana – praise be to God
  • Tatiana – Fairy Queen
  • Musya – seed
  • Zarya – sunrise
  • Nastya – Reborn
  • Olga – Blessed
  • Olya – hearty
  • Natalia – birthday
  • Nastia – Resurrection
  • Svetlana – clean
  • Vasilisa – queenly
  • Polina – Little Stone
  • Valentina – healthy

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Russian Dog Names Inspired by Geography

Russian Dog Names Inspired by Geography

Russia is the largest country in the world. So, there are many types of inside the country.

Further, Russia has so many naturally beautiful places to visit for a tourist.

If you have already visited Russian, now you may remember the beautiful places, locations, and other things that you have seen in Russia.

So below is a list of Russian Dog names Inspired by locations, places, and geography.

  • Kizhi – This is an Island in Russia. This Island is also named as a UNESCO heritage site.
  • Kremlin – It means “fortress inside a city.” Further, this is the city where the government bodies of the Russian Federation is located.
  • Mariinsky – A historical opera theatre in Russia.
  • Volga – The longest river in Europe, the Volga River flows through central Russia and into the Caspian Sea.
  • Baikal – Lake Baikal, the largest and the deepest lake in the world.
  • Elbrus – Mount Elbrusis a volcano in Russia. Further, this volcano is in between Russia and Georgia
  • Suzdal – this is a town in Russia. Further, this town is a part of the Golden Ring cluster of ancient towns.
  • Ufa – This city belongs to the Republic of Bashkortostan.
  • Moscow – This is the heart of Russia. Further, it has many UNESCO heritage sites.
  • Novgorod – Another city in Russia. There are some famous landmarks like museums as well.
  • Petersburg – This is one of the prominent port cities in Russia. Further, it has a long commercial history.
  • Tomsk – This city is located in Siberia.
  • Ural – It is a series of beautiful mountains in Russia
  • Saratov – The city is known for its open Air-museum with WWII tanks and planes.
  • Siberia – This is a separate region in Russia. Moreover, it represents more than 70% of the land in Russia.
  • Sochi – A city located in the Black sea. The city is also famous as a beautiful beach.
  • Volgograd – the city is located in southwest Russia. Further, the city is famous for the Panorama Museum.

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Russian Dog Names Inspired by Famous Russians

Famous Russians

There have been many Russian people who are famous in various filed.

For example, Lenin was a renowned political activity whose opinions and visions are famous all around the world.

Similarly, many people have crossed the borders in different industries like Art, Astrology, Politics, sports, and so on.

  • Yuri Gagarin – He was the first person to travel to Space.
  • Rasputin – He was a Russian mystic and self-proclaimed holy man. Further, he was the mystical adviser in the court of Czar Nicholas II of Russia.
  • Kournikova – Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova also a famous tennis player from Russia
  • Sharapova – She was a former champion tennis layer from Russia.
  • Anastasia – She was the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II. Further, he was the last sovereign of Imperial Russia.
  • Leo Tolstoy – One of the world-famous writer from Russia
  • Anton Chekov – A famous playwright and short-story writer from Russia.
  • Boris Yeltsin – He was the first President of Russia from 1991 to 1999 after the collapse of Great Soviet Russia
  • Putin – The most powerful leader in the world is president Vladimir Putin.
  • Stalin – Another world-famous political activity from Russia. Further, he led the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s.
  • Vlad – Vladimir Lenin was a Former Premier of the Soviet Union. Further, he was a political theorist too
  • Gorbachev – Former renowned president in the Soviet Russia. He was also the last leader as well.
  • Trotsky – He was a Soviet revolutionary Marxist theorist from Russia.

Dog Names Inspired by Russian Foods and Beverages

Russian food culture is also very unique to previous soviet Russian countries and adjoining countries.

If you have ever had experienced delicious Russian foods, you may remember their taste now.

So below are some of the Russian Dog names inspired by Russian cuisine.

  • Zefir – This is berries and other types of fruits based confectionery food.
  • Pirogi – Another filled dumpling food.
  • Vodka – Russian’s favorite alcoholic drink
  • Solyanka – This is a spicy, sour native to Russia and Ukraine.
  • Plov – This is a rice-based dish.
  • Sushki – this is a sweet food native to eastern Europe.
  • Kissel – This is one of the popular fruits-based desserts, as well as a drink.
  • Paskha –is a traditional Russian festival dish. Usually, this dish is made during holy weeks.
  • Borscht – This is a soup variant originated in previous soviet Russia.
  • Pelmeni – A traditional dumpling from Russian cuisine. Further, it comes with many types of fillings in it.
  • Blini – Another name for this Russian food is “Blin.” Further, this is a traditional pancake to Russia and Ukraine. 

Cute Russian Dog Names

Below are some of the dog names that may be suitable for a cute little puppy

  • Dmitry
  • Anton
  • Bogdan
  • Fedor
  • Han

Unique Dog Names

If you are looking for unique Russian dog names, below names might fit for you.

  • Bolik
  • Vlad
  • Paskha
  • Rasputin

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Fun and Cool Names

Below are some of the best Russian pet names

  • Putin
  • Anton Chekov
  • Baron
  • Kubik

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Final Words

Most of the Russian dog names are easy to pronounce.

So, if you are a person from Russia, you will not find any difficulty in finding a name for your puppy.

However, if you are not a Russian person, it is better to select a name that you can pronounce easily.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

So, what are your favorite Russian dog names?

Let us know in the comments section.


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