African Dog Names: 250+ Stunning Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


Africa Dog names have derived from all the different African countries in Africa like Malawi, Chad, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and so on.

Therefore, there is a mixture of the different types of traditions and Cultures in Africa.

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African names are suitable for African dog breeds like Boerboel, Aidi, African hairless dog and so on as well as any other type of dog breeds.

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So, in this article, we have listed down 300+ stunning African dog names for your male and female puppies.

Male African Dog Names with Meanings

Below are some of the common boy dog names.

  • Titi – flower
  • Roro – Roll-on/roll-off
  • Raadi – Thunder
  • Sudi – luck
  • Tindo – active
  • Phila – lover
  • Sipho – gift
  • Thabo – Lethabo
  • Ode – From the road
  • Moyo – magic charm
  • Thando – love
  • Okra – Gumbo
  • Ogbo – My heart
  • Safari – jungle tour
  • Thulani – be quiet
  • Obi – heart
  • Tiifu – faithful
  • Wandile – extended
  • Sisa – favour did by God
  • Olee – first person
  • Roho – Soul
  • Mondli – breadwinner
  • Bheka – Cheetah
  • Amar – Long Life
  • Chebe – Lavender Croton
  • Minzi – Protector
  • Agyei – Messenger of God
  • Chaga – ethnic group in Tanzania
  • Delani – Give up
  • Adeben – twelfth-born son
  • Abeeku – one who is born on Wednesday
  • Ibubesi – lion
  • Adofo – warrior
  • Adika – First child
  • Buyisiwe – Blessed
  • Khaya – house
  • Addae – Morning Sun
  • Mhambi – Walker
  • Yafeu – Bold
  • Chakide – King
  • Adom – God’s blessing
  • Ane – dust

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Female African Dog Names with Meanings

female dog names

African human names are commonly used as dog names.

So below is a list of girl African dog names for your female puppies.

  • Okaka – Gift of the Lord
  • Kanzi – Faithful
  • Khata
  • Moriti – celebrate
  • Inaani – Lightning strikes
  • Teke – to buy
  • Thembi – Gift
  • Kwini – Queen
  • Thabisa – Give Joy
  • Tandie – loving one
  • Lomo – Sunshine
  • Goni – stab
  • Kehinde – Second-born twin
  • Stara – Guarded
  • Tezi – crown
  • Kuume – warrior
  • Nata – swimmer
  • Moja – etymology
  • Nhalahla – happiness
  • Kianga – Sunshine
  • Kafi – quiet
  • Siti – lady
  • Nandi – Strong-Willed
  • Domme – safety nuts
  • Abena – born on Tuesday
  • Adowa – Antelope
  • Bebile – Cushites
  • Ababuo – Child Keeps Returning
  • Faa – South African Civil Aviation
  • Afryea – born during happy times
  • Vuyiswam – eagle
  • Enyi – Greatness
  • Ayize – Let it come
  • Aba – born on Thursday
  • Adia – gift
  • Emi – Blessing
  • Tholakele – Found
  • Afia – Born On Friday
  • Bika – Blessed
  • Aza – brave
  • Dinga – A deal
  • Adwoa – born on a Monday
  • Abam – Second-born after twins
  • Duma – Cheetah
  • Bhekisisa – good health

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African Dog Names Inspired By Geography

African Dog Names Inspired by Geography

African is a beautiful continent with many natural creatures with jungles, waterfalls, rivers and so on.

If you have ever visited Kongo, I’m sure that you have loved the experience you had.

So, you can name your dog with the names of famous locations, landscapes, national parks etc.

Below is a list of African dog names inspired by African geography.

  • Nairobi – This is the capital city of Kenya
  • Sahara – It is the largest hot desert in the world
  • Victoria – this waterfall is located in the Zambezi River in southern Africa.
  • Kalahari – Another desert in the African continent.
  • Cairo – this is the capital city of Egypt.
  • Lagos – Another city in Nigeria. Further, the city is famous for its beautiful beaches.
  • Giza – these are the Egyptian Pyramids.
  • Tripoli – This is a city in Libya. Further, it was one of the most developed cities in Africa.
  • Nile – Rile River is the jewel of entire Africa. Further, it passes through many African countries.
  • Casablanca – Major commercialized city in Morocco
  • Timbuktu – this city in Mali is famous for Djinguereber Mosque and prestigious Sankore University.
  • Kilimanjaro – this is the tallest mountain on the African continent.
  • Liberia – this is the oldest republic country in Africa
  • Congo – a country located in Central Africa
  • Malawi – this country is famous for Lake Malawi and Freshwater diving.
  • Kenya – a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean
  • Tunisia – this country has a traditional delicious food called “Kosksi”
  • Serengeti – this is one of the most sensitive geographical ecosystems in Africa
  • Tanzania – It has top-rated tourist destinations.
  • Egypt – It has amazing pyramids. Further, it is also known for its great history.
  • Morocco – Country in North African country
  • Libya – it is famous mainly because of the Sahara Desert. Further, it is also known for ancient Greek and Roman ruins.
  • Zambia – It has eye-catching colonial heritages sites to watch.
  • Mali – This is a country in West Africa

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African Dog Names Inspired By Indigenous Animals

African native animals

Africa is the home for different types of species.

Further, some of those animals are native to Africa so that you might not be able to see them in other regions.

Below are some of the African dog names inspired by African animals.

  • Hyena – Another name is laughing hyena
  • Leopard
  • Giraffe – Giraffe there are many Giraffe variants in the different countries within Africa
  • Hippo – They are commonly called as Hippos
  • Lion
  • Jackal – these foxes are lives in groups
  • Buffalo – they are also known as cape buffalos
  • Cheetah – The fastest animal on the ground
  • Gorilla
  • Aardvark – Native animal to African regions.
  • Baboon – there are many varieties of Baboons in the African region.
  • Antelope – this is a common term to introduce many types of species
  • MongooseBushbaby – Another name for these animals are bushbabies

African Dog Names Inspired by Foods and Beverages

As there are several countries within the African regions, there are many types of native foods and beverages that we can see in each of those countries.

So we have listed down some of the African dog names derived from African cuisine.

  • Genfo – This is a traditional Ethiopian food. Usually, this consumes as Breakfast.
  • Argane – It is Moroccan food. Further, this food is looking like nuts
  • Daraba – This is a vegetable dish originally from Chad
  • Irio – This is a Kenyan dish. Further, it is made from potatoes and peas.
  • Harsha – This is another popular Moroccan food.
  • Shiro – This is an Ethiopian stew.
  • Maafe – this is a Rice and curry variant dish in Mali

Cute African Dog Names

Below is a list of cute African pet names

  • Baboon
  • Irio
  • Giza
  • Libya

Unique African Names

These are some of the unique wild African dog names

  • Nairobi
  • Maafe
  • Stara
  • Lagos

Fun and Cool Names

Below is a list of some of the cool and best African dog names

  • Gorilla
  • Hippo
  • Genfo
  • Buffalo

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Final Words

Make sure that the name you have chosen for your puppy is easy to pronounce.

Otherwise, you may feel difficulties when you want to call your dog.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

So, what are your favourite African dog names?

Let us know in the comments section


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