Korean Dog Names: 300+ Awesome Dog Name Ideas (UPDATED 2022)


Korean dog names are cool and unique for any type of dog breed.

However, if you have Korean origin dog breeds such as Nureongi, Jindo and so on, you may interest in naming your puppies with Korean names to show off their heritage.

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Further, most of the Korean names are derived from their traditional and cultural values.

So, in this article, we have listed down 300+ awesome Korean dog names for your male and female puppies under different themes.

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Most Popular and Best Unisex Korean Dog Names

Below are some of the dog names that you can use to name your puppies without any gender difference.

  • Ja – young
  • Ho – Humanity, and goodness
  • Kwang – bright
  • Gi – foundation
  • Ji – intellect
  • Chun – Flower season
  • Iseul – Morning Dew
  • Hyun – Worthy
  • Hei – Grace and brightness
  • Dong – neighborhood
  • Cho – butterfly
  • Chin – person
  • Dae – alright
  • Jeong – compassion
  • Hee – Eternal
  • Haneul – it means “sky.”
  • Yong – dragon
  • Soo – shore
  • Hyeon – Worthy
  • Myung – clear
  • Duri – Couple
  • Kyong – light
  • Yon – lotus
  • Woong – bear
  • Shin – new
  • Moon – writing
  • Jung – affection
  • Jin – gold, bright
  • Maeum – heart
  • Min – citizens
  • Gyeong – Honor
  • Sang – common
  • Ryung – Brightness

Male Korean Dog Names and Meanings

male Korean dog names

Below are some of the Korean dog names that are more suitable for your boy dogs.

  • Dak-Ho – It means a Lake that has a deep bottom
  • Kyu – Star
  • Jong-Seok – stone
  • Geon – strong
  • Min-ho – Brightness and goodness
  • Hwan – Win
  • Ho-Seok – Bestowed
  • Jae-Hee – bright like a diamond
  • Seo-Jin – felicitous omen
  • U-Yeong – building, structure
  • Tae-Hui – superior
  • Seulgi – magic
  • Yeo – gender
  • Suk – good, pure
  • Yu-Jin – plentiful
  • Seung – rise
  • Su-won – the area surrounding the capital

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Female Korean Dog Names and Meanings

Most of the female human names are commonly used to name girl dogs in Korea.

Because Korean people believe that, they will feel their girl puppy as a real family member in that way.

So below is a list of female Korean dog names for your girl puppies.

  • Seok-Yeong – brave, hero
  • Sung – winner
  • Ji-a – intelligence
  • Ye-Jin – rare, real
  • Hea – elegance
  • Gaeul – it means “autumn.”
  • So-Hui – luminous
  • Mee – it means “beautiful.”
  • Hye – bright
  • Nam-Sun – genuine
  • Kwan – building or hall
  • Ha-eun – summer
  • In-na – wing
  • Ae-Cha – loving girl
  • Eun – kindness
  • Yu-na – dark river
  • Eui – moral quality
  • Bo-mi – pleasing
  • Hae – the Sun
  • Bae – stomach
  • Bong Cha – Superior and daughter
  • Choon-Hee – it means “women in spring.”
  • Danbi – sweet rain

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Korean Dog Names Inspired by Locations, Landmarks, and Geography in Korea

Korean Dog Names Inspired by Famous Locations

Both South Korea and North Koreas have so many beautiful places and locations to visit.

Further, most tourists that have visited Korea love the traditional and cultural living styles in Korea.

Apart from that, Korean is one of the top countries that have many high-end technological cities.

For example, bullets trains.

So below is a list of Korean dog names inspired by geography in Korea.

  • Ulsan – It is the Seventh largest city in Korea.
  • Ggotji – this is an industrial city in Korea. It is also known as the “Apple city.”
  • Daejeon – this city has a population of about 1.5 million, and this is the 5th largest city in South Korea
  • Jeju – This is an Island belong to South Korea. Further, this city is famous for the Mountains, Landscapes and so on.
  • Upo – this is a beautiful creature in Korea. This wetland complex is situated in Yueo-myeon
  • Darangee – this is a traditional village in Korea located in the Hillsides
  • Korea – you can directly name your dog with the country name.
  • Busan – One of the largest port cities in Korea. Further, there are beautiful beaches as well.
  • Seoul – This is one of the primary commercial and capital cities in Korea. Further, the city is so modern that it has many skyscrapers.
  • Suwon – This city is a tourist attraction city because it has 18th-century Hwaseong Fortress.
  • Daegu – Another city in South Korea. Further, the city is famous for Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center.
  • Incheon – This city is one of the primary transportation hubs in Korea. Because it has all the transportation methods such as Air, sea, land etc.

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Korean Dog names Inspired by Food and Beverages

Korean Food and Beverages

Korean foods and beverage culture are significantly different from other adjoining countries.

Foods like “Galbi” are traditional foods in Korea, and you might rarely see them in other countries.

However, some of the Korean foods have derived from other Asian countries as well.

Below is a list of Korean dog names inspired by Korean cuisine.

  • Melona – this is an ice cream variant in Korea
  • Galbi – This is also a meat-based grilled dish native to Korea.
  • Misu – traditional grain powder-based drink in Korea
  • Kimchi – This is a dish that looks like a soup. Further, it uses seasoned vegetables and salt to make this food.
  • Soju – A native Korean Alcoholic drink.
  • Hotteok – You can see these pancake type of food in many Korean street food stalls.
  • Dasik – This food looks like snacks. Further, it is made from various types of grains
  • Anju – When you eat Korean food with any type of Alcohol. It is called “Anju”
  • Bulgogi – The main ingredient of this dish is Beef. So, this is a meat-based dish
  • Bingsu – this is a sweet dessert type in Korea

Dog Name Ideas Based on Famous Koreans

Below are some of the Korean dog names based on famous Korean characters in different industries such as art, music, sports, and so on.

  • Park Bo-gum – He was a famous movie actor and a television personality in Korea.
  • Ryu Hyun-jin – A famous Korean baseball player.
  • Lee Soo-geun – A famous south Korean comedian.
  • Song Joong-ki – He is also a famous movie actor in Korea.
  • Son Heung-min – South Korean professional football player. Further, he is the striker of Tottenham Hotspur football club.
  • Jun Hyun-moo – A famous south Korean television personality.
  • Bong Joon-ho –He is a South Korean film director. He was also a director of the Oscar winning movie.

Korean Dog Names based on Native Sayings & Phrases

Like any other country, Korean people also have some traditions saying and phrases for different things.

So below are some of those names.

  • Saja – Calm
  • Jwi – It has the meaning of “Rat” or “Mouse.”
  • Nun – Angel
  • Yeppeun – beautiful women
  • Jag-eun – little
  • Noran – two lights
  • Gyeoul – it means “winter.”
  • Gae – This word has a few meanings in the Korean language. However, it has the meaning of “Dog.”
  • Byeol – It means “Stars.”
  • Jakda – yellow
  • Joeun – awesome
  • Dan – stairs
  • Chingu – mate
  • Hayan – Lord

Cute Korean Dog Names

  • Mee
  • Upo
  • Busan
  • Yeppeun

Unique Korean Dog Names

  • Kwang
  • Bo-mi
  • Sung
  • Yeo
  • Suk

Final Words

If you are not a Korean person, it is always better to choose a name that you can pronounce without any difficulty.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names.

So, what are your favorite Korean Dog Names?

Let us know in the comments section.


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