How Many Goats Am I Worth? – Quiz (UPDATED 2022)

How Many Goats Am I Worth

How Many Goats Am I Worth? You may already be aware of this question.

However, if you do not have any ideas about this question, below is a simple explanation that anyone can understand.

Further, you can calculate your worth of Goat score by going through the “How Many Goats Am I Worth?” quiz procedure designed to calculate the goat worth.

What is the meaning of the “How Many Goats Am I Worth” Quiz?

There are some traditions and cultures among specific communities when it comes to determining a man’s wealth.

Many communities take into account the value of properties, animals, lands, money, gold, etc when determining the wealth.

This usually happens when a man is going to get married.

So, in that case, the man has to show his or his family wealth in terms of the above assets according to their community’s norms.

In some communities and regions, this is also known as the “How many camels am I worth?”.

So it has the same meaning as the “How many goats am I worth?”

As we have explained earlier, the type of wealth that takes into account depends on the norms and beliefs of a particular community.

In general, this is also known as the “Bride Price.”

This is a “Dowry” where the girl or her family has to show to the family of the man she is going to marry.

When it comes to the Dowry, it is paid by the woman or her family at the time of engagement or marriage.

Further, in some communities, both the Dowry and Bride Price is exchanged at the same time.

The History of Goat Wealth Tradition

We can still notice these kinds of traditions in many parts of Africa.

So, according to their culture, the validity of the marriage is based on the Bride Price.

As we have mentioned, the boy or his family has to pay the Bride Price first to get permission from the girl’s family to marry the girl.

This is a common tradition in sub-Saharan Africa.

Otherwise, the marriage will not be considered a valid marriage by the community.

The Bride Price value may include Gold, Money, Animals, Heard of castles, Goats, lands, properties, and so on.

So when it comes to the Dowry, it is the same as the Bride Price. However, it is paid for by the Bride’s family.

Let’s Calculate your Goat Value and see how many Goats you are Worth

We have designed a series of questionnaire-based on several factors to calculate the goat value.

By following the quiz, you can get an idea about how many goats your Dowry or Bride Price would be worth.

You can go through this question series irrespective of whether your gender.

In other words, it does not matter whether you are a Girl or Boy; you can go ahead and calculate your goat value.

If you are a boy, you can calculate the goat value of your Bride Price, and If you are a girl, you can calculate the goat value of your Dowry.

This is an estimated value of a boy or girl before their marriage.

Let’s see a real example as to how those communities use this goat wealth,

When a girl finds a man that she likes and starts an affair with him,

She usually informs about the man to their family.

Family – How many goats is he worth?

Girl – Not sure, maybe 4 and a heard of castles.

Family – We will take no one less than 10 goats.

Girl – ok

Go ahead with our “How many goats am I worth” quiz and calculate your goat value now.

Let us know if you like many more quiz like these.


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