Native American Dog Names: 350+ Stunning Dog Name Ideas


Native American dog names had derived from the language of the native American people who have been living in the United States before it was colonized.

These names are unique because they represent the traditional and cultural values the native Americans.

For this reason, as you can imagine, these names have an ancient and deep roots of thousands of years.

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If you love the history of Native American and their cultural values, you can name your puppies with native American dog names.

Further, these names are suitable for Native American dog breeds such as Indian dog, Saarloos Wolfdog, Indian Pariah dog and so on as well as any other type of breeds.

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You can watch the video below to get a general understand of this topic and some initial name ideas.

So, in this article, we have listed down 300+ Native American dog names for your male and female puppies.

Popular and Best Native American Dog Names

These are some of the popular native American dog names that are commonly used to name many types of pets, including dogs.

Consider to create a list with the names you liked most and then pick up the ones you like more from that list!

  • Cheveyo – Honest Warrior
  • Hinto – Blue Haired
  • Kele – It means “Sparrow Hawk”
  • Akikta – Works with Determination
  • Ahawi – It means “Deer”
  • Bly – This also means “Tall”
  • Pezi – It means “Grass”
  • Pallaton – War leader
  • Kohana – Quickly or promptly
  • Makaya – Who is like God
  • Jolon – It means “Valley of Oaks”
  • Dakota – An alliance of friends
  • Achak – It means “Spirit”
  • Miwok – This means people who speak “Miwok language”
  • Cherokee – People of different speech
  • Tallulah – It means “Leaping Water”
  • Taima – It means “Thunder Crash”
  • Kitchi – Intelligent
  • Enola – Alone
  • Yuma – It uses to call leaders’ son
  • Tocho – It means “Mountain lion”
  • Atim – Earth
  • Cailan – God is gracious
  • Mitexi – Born beneath the sacred moon
  • Kwanita – The meaning of this word is “God Is Gracious”
  • Kanti – It means “Singing”
  • Pati – Master


It follows more ideas which are popular american indian names: 

  • Pazi – It means “‘Yellow Bird”
  • Tahki – It means “Cold”
  • Chlumani – No war
  • Doba – There was no war
  • Abeytu – It means “Tree Leaf”
  • Ayita – First to dance
  • Denali – It means somebody who has “Great Qualities”
  • Calusa – Fierce people
  • Liseli – Bright
  • Halyn – Special
  • Soma – Juice from a plant
  • Maka – It means “The Ground” or “Earth”
  • Mansi – Removing parts of a flower
  • Lonato – It means “Flint stone”
  • Eyota – Superior
  • Meli – The Sea
  • Akecheta – Warrior
  • Migina – Fairy Woman
  • Miki – Beautiful
  • Tyee – Leader
  • Kai – Keeper of the keys
  • Peta – Stone

Badass Strong Native American Dog Names


If you have a strong-looking dog, you might be interested in giving a name to show the strength and power of your dog.

Moreover, with these names, all his or her friends and their owners will think “Wow, what a badass Dog!” and ” Wish I had named similarly my dog“.

Luckily you have reached Random Animal Picks 🙂

So, below, Native American dog names are suitable for strong and badass dogs like rottweilers.

  • Wakanda – Family
  • Denali – It means somebody who has “Great Qualities”
  • Hanska – A tall person
  • Nina – Strength
  • Bly – This also means “Tall”
  • Yuma – It uses to call leaders’ son
  • Honi – The Ally
  • Eyota – Superior
  • Maikoh – Leader of the Pack
  • Nokosi – The translated meaning is “Bear”
  • Kitchi – Fearless
  • Makwa – It means “Black Bear”
  • Yansa – Winds, lightning, and violent storms
  • Miwak – This means people who speak “Miwok language.”
  • Kuruk – It means “Bear”
  • Micco – Leader
  • Kohana – Quickly or promptly
  • Kitchi – Intelligent

Think carefully about the name you are going to pick up!

It is going to be a lifetime choice.


You could use them for strongest breeds aswell for smallest and sweetiest breeds as funny choice.

Whatever is your dog, let us know in the comments the one you have picked up!

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Cute Native American Names


If you have a cute little puppy, it is better that you go with a cute dog name rather than choosing a tough dog name.

 So below are some of the native American dog names that are suitable for cute dogs.

  • Dakota – Buddy
  • Alawa – A type of grain variant
  • Mansi – Removing parts of a flower
  • Nova – Going after butterflies
  • Miki – Beautiful
  • Takoda – A friendly person
  • Tiva – It means “One who can dance.”
  • Nikan – One who brings good things
  • Sihu – It means “flower”
  • Mona – Gathered of the seed of a jimson weed
  • Kaya – My eldest sister
  • Winona – Firstborn daughter
  • Una – Remember
  • Onida – Long-awaited
  • Kimi – Something that is hidden
  • Kasa – It means “Dressed in Furs”
  • Kanti – It means “Singing”
  • Weeko – Beautiful

Which cute native american name is the right one for your puppy?

Native American Dog Names Inspired by Nature

Native Americans are genuinely loved to the Nature, and they took actions to keep it good and protect it.


Below are some of the native American dog names inspired by Nature and geography of the United States.

Many of these names are key elements of of this field.

  • Lulu – It means “Rabbit”
  • Peta – Stone
  • Kele – It means “Sparrow Hawk”
  • Koko – Most important thing
  • Ama – Born on Saturday
  • Tallulah – It means “Leaping Water”
  • Maka – It means “the Ground” or “Earth”
  • Misu – A small stream
  • Tala – It means “Stalking Wolf”
  • Mika – It means “Clever Raccoon”
  • Kiona – It means “Brown Hills”
  • Pavita – It means “Clear Blue”; this makes a good native American name for a dog with blue eyes
  • Kai – Keeper of the keys
  • Yoki – The meaning of the word is “Raining”
  • Kinta – Beaver

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Consider also the sound of the name when picking your ideal one; the meaning is just a part of the evaluation.

Dog Names Inspired by Famous Native Americans


Many native American leaders fought for the justice of the native people in North America.

So below are some of the native dog names derived from the names of red Indian war heroes and leaders.

  • Sitting Bull – He was one of the Hunkpapa Lakota leaders; further, he led native people against united states government policies
  • Pocahontas – Another native American woman who associated with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia
  • Black Hawk – Another American war leader
  • Hiawatha – He was the co-founder of the Iroquois Confederacy
  • Crazy Horse – He was was a Lakota war leader of the Oglala band
  • Sequoiah – He was a Native American polymath of the Cherokee Nation
  • Tecumseh – Another Native American warrior. Further, he was a leader of a multi clan too
  • Geronimo – He was a prominent leader in Native America. Further, he was a medicine man too
  • Squanto – He was a was a member of the Patuxet tribe
  • Cochise – He was the leader of Chihuicahui local group of the Chokonen Further, he was one of the main characters in the Apache Wars
  • Pontiac – He was also a war chief
  • Sacajawea – She was a native American woman; she was also an explorer.

Do you think that these ones would be right for your dog?

Male Native American Dog Names and Meanings


Below is a list of cool native American dog names that are more suitable for a boy dog.

Do they share any similarities with your male puppy?

  • Bodaway – One who creates “Fire”
  • Tooantuh – It means “Frog”
  • Nikiti – It means “Clever”
  • Ahote – Tired
  • Akando – One who attacks
  • Gad – Surprise
  • Herrick – Army commander
  • Dyami – It means one who is flying high “Eagle”
  • Sinopa – Black Foot
  • Odakota – Buddy
  • Skah – Clean
  • Paytah – It means “Light” or “Fire”
  • Maska – Powerful
  • Askook – A type of a snake
  • Lusio – Play
  • Pachu’a – It means “A snake that lives in the water”

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What is the character of your boy?

Is he a warrior, a trustful and loveful friend or something else?

Female Native American Dog Names and Meanings


If you have a girl dog, you would love to name your puppy with a native American name.

So below is the list of female native American female names you were looking for.

  • Naira – Big eyes
  • Una – Remember
  • Wyanet – Lovely
  • Arizona – Silver-bearing
  • Lulu – It means “Rabbit”
  • Winona – Firstborn daughter
  • Nova – Going after butterflies
  • Koko – Most important thing
  • Yoki – The meaning of the word is “Raining”
  • Catori – It means “Spirit”
  • Sayen – Sweat
  • Nizhoni – Beautiful
  • Kasa – Dress
  • Onida – Long-awaited
  • Iskwew – Child
  • Saloso – Wild Goose
  • Dy – Small spring
  • Papina – Vine-growing
  • Sunki – It means “Catch Up”
  • Adsila – Flowers

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Is your lady a cute princess or a proud warrior?

Choose the name wisely!

Unique Native American Names

Below are some of the American Indian dog names which are unique.

  • Meli
  • Nova
  • Kasa
  • Crazy Horse

Final Words

Most of the native American dog names are easy to pronounce.


So you will rarely notice difficult names.

However, it depends on one person to another.

So make sure that you can pronounce the name properly.

Hopefully, you have already found the most suitable name. If not, consider exploring our 3000+ database.

Further, you can check out the below-related articles for other country-specific Dog names

So what are your favourite Native American dog names?

Let us know in the comments section.


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